Home style trends latest design in garage doors create ultimate curb appeal

Over the last few years, home buildings has soared. Everywhere you turn it seems a new mammoth-sized home is going up. Be it Victorian, country style or colonial, the trend today is to showcase a distinctive look. And to help create this fashionable flair, a new player has emerged: the garage door. A garage door has long been considered solely functional, but now the largest moving part of your home has been given a style boost. Aesthetics has become an important added criterion when purchasing a door. The fact that today's garage doors can account for up to 40 percent of a home's façade makes them an integral part in home design. Today's garage door market offers various raised embosses motifs to choose from, a wide array if trendy colours that coordinates with exterior house siding and beautiful decorative windows that will give it the curb appeal desired.

Home style trends latest design in garage doors create ultimate curb appeal

According to Vicky Leclerc, communication coordinator at Garaga Inc., the leading garage door manufacturer in Canada, the industry has responded to homeowner's requests for more stylish choices. Nowadays, consumers can select a garage door that reflects their lifestyle, differentiates their home and adds value. To answer this need, Garaga has launched a distinctive line of carriage house style steel doors called the Townships Collection that has received a huge response from homeowners. "Our North Hatley and Eastman Estate carriage house style doors have been created with the strength and durability of steel, thereby requiring far less maintenance than all-wood door. They appeal to homeowners, especially baby boomers, because of their country style charm." explained Ms. Leclerc.

Traditionally, a garage door's sole purpose was to move up and down. Today garage door manufacturers offer homeowners countless options of style and functionality: degree of insulation, window options and inserts, decorative hardware, colour, steel or aluminum. They are all key elements for selecting the right door for your home. Homeowners may now count on aesthetically pleasing garage door to add curb appeal to their home.

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