The People behind our doors

The People behind our doors

My Garaga door - so many reasons to love it!

It starts with people

In 1983, Michel Gendreau realized his dream of having his own manufacturing business. Starting with five employees, the Garaga family is now comprised of over 200 employees, all committed like it was their own company. The impacts arising from this loyalty can be measured in so many ways:

Dedicated to our people

Quality work, done time after time; this is what we’re all about. Garaga’s employees don’t just deliver quality, it’s part of our everyday life. For us, the client is king is not an empty phrase without significance. With management’s encouragement, it’s become our mantra and our sense of family means that clients aren’t numbers, but members of our family.

Customer satisfaction is priority #1. One of the best things about Garaga’s personnel is that their values match those of the company. We run projects, make improvements, always in order to keep customer satisfaction as our top priority. We take care of our customers the way we would like to be taken care of!

Our quality policy

Customer satisfaction is a constantly renewed goal at Garaga.

In our plants, within the technical capabilities of the organization, Garaga is committed to providing residential, commercial and industrial products of an extremely high quality based on our personalized expertise in the field of garage doors and their hardware. Employees must follow pre-established instructions at their work stations to ensure consistency in product quality. They also can participate in our new idea program to make improvements through innovation. Quality management is an everyday part of our lives.

Based on the ISO 9001 approach and the efforts of its team, Garaga strives to achieve its ultimate goal of going far beyond their clients’ expectations about our products.

Garaga is committed to maintain a continuous improvement process and to fully respect this philosophy.

Exceptional customer service

Quality goes far beyond our products. It extends to each and every one of our employees. No matter what the context, you will be surprised by service that exceeds your expectations.

Multitasking team

Each one of our customer service agents can multi-task and provide quotations, give technical support, enter orders, submit claims, and address shipping concerns.

Claim satisfaction rate: 99%

Your claims are not left unattended because our agents have a sense of urgency and are dedicated and empowered to resolve any issues promptly and thoroughly. If a situation arises that needs quick action, we’re on it!

Social Club

Working with colleagues is fine, but having fun with them and their families is much better! A lively social life is very important for our well-being, and activities with colleagues can create a fraternity while forging closer relations. To enrich the social experiences of its staff, Garaga has created a Social Club which allows every employee to participate in several activities throughout the year.

A network of garage door experts

When choosing a garage door, you deserve the utmost in professionalism. This is what prompted Garaga to set up the "Garaga Experts" network, consisting of select garage door professionals who meet our strict criteria for knowledge, experience, and reputation. Thanks to our network of expert dealers, all our clients are assured their garage door installation will be performed by a true specialist, whether it is a residential, industrial or commercial application.

Discover how our Garaga Experts could make a difference for you

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Garaga’s involvement for a better community

  • Garaga and its generous employees are encouraged to donate to Centraide in order to promote mutual aid, social commitment and self-reliance as effective means of improving the quality of life of our community.
  • We are a proud sponsor of minor hockey development. It is a conscientious way to invest in our future generations by keeping them moving and being healthier.
  • Moisson Beauce is a non-profit organisation whose mission is to improve the quality of life of those who are less fortunate. Nothing is better than giving when members of our own community are in need.
  • The Canadian Cancer Society Relay For Life is an opportunity to celebrate cancer survivors, remember loved ones lost to cancer, and fight back in the hope of finding a cure for this terrible disease.