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Why garage doors are not the same

Garage door is the largest moving part in home or business you built, therefore is responsible for a big portion of energy lost. Even the best isolated panel can’t, by themselves, assure a complete protection against our winter

Do not rely only on "R Factor"

Overlooked in nearly all cases, the R-value of a door measures the heat loss through a door panel while most of energy loss occurs around the perimeter of the opening. This is why the joints between the panels, the door frame weather seal are so important!

Garaga’s door were engineered to surpass its competitors in term of energy saving. When choosing Garaga, you are certain to offer not only a distinctive product in term of look, but moreover, an outstanding product surpassing our competitors in term of energy saving. (Click to download our information sheet:   All overhead doors are not the same! (2,4 Mo))

Doing so, you reinforce your REPUTATION OF BEST QUALITY CONSTRUCTIONS BUILDER and that reputation is your best advertising as you know!

You want to learn more about the Garaga garage door models? Consult the Comparative table for residential garage door page.

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