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Architects, specifiers, and designers, Garaga is there to help you carry out impeccable and differentiating projects.

Whether you oversee a residential, commercial, industrial or agricultural project, Garaga manufactures the garage doors you need.

Brochures, technical specifications, and more, you will find in the Garaga Download Center all the information you need to make the right choice.

Garaga download center

Garaga download center

Residential Garage Door Documents

General documentation

Download Center - General documentation

Reference Tools (pdf) (838 Kb)

Limited Lifetime Warranty (pdf) (82 Kb)

Maintenance Guide (pdf) (252 Kb)

Installation Guide (pdf) (4.8 Mb)

Complete Collection Brochure (pdf) (8.2 Mb)

Village Collection



Vantage Shaker-Flat Short, 9' x 8', White, windows with Stockton Short Inserts

Vantage Brochure (pdf) (5.2 Mb)

Vantage Model Info


Regal Shaker-Flat Long, 16' x 8', Dark Walnut, windows with Richmond Inserts

Regal Brochure (pdf) (15.1 Mb)

Regal Model Info

Top Tech


Commercial Garage Door Documents

General documentation

Download Center - Commercial general documentation

24-pages Commercial Brochure (pdf) (7.8 Mb)

Industrial Warranty Certificate (pdf) (88 Kb)

Commercial Maintenance (pdf) (326 Kb)

G‑5000 | G‑5138 | G‑5200

 G-5000, 20' x 20', Silver

G-5000 | G-5138 | G-5200 Brochure (pdf) (1.6 Mb)

G-5000 Technical Specifications (docx) (48 Kb)

G-5000 Technical Drawing (dwg) (213 Kb)

G-5000 Technical Drawing (pdf) (244 Kb)

G-5138 Technical Specifications (docx) (47 Kb)

G-5138 Technical Drawing (dwg) (197 Kb)

G-5138 Technical Drawing (pdf) (245 Kb)

G-5200 Technical Specifications (docx) (47 Kb)

G-5200 Technical Drawing (dwg) (197 Kb)

G-5200 Technical Drawing (pdf) (245 Kb)


G-4400, 10' x 12', Clear Anodized with kick Proof

G-4400 Brochure (pdf) (1.7 Mb)

G-4400 Technical Specifications (docx) (44 Kb)

G-4400 Technical Drawing (dwg) (109 Kb)

G-4400 Technical Drawing (pdf) (106 Kb)

SSI‑24 | SSI‑25

SSI-24, 8'6'' x 9', White

SSI‑21 | SSI‑25 Brochure (pdf) (369 Kb)


SSG, 12' x 14', White

SSG Brochure (pdf) (2.2 Mb)

S-24 | SN-24

S-24, 12' x 14', White

S‑24 | SN‑24 Brochure (pdf) (620 Kb)

G-2020 | G-2023 | G-2323

G-2023, 10' x 10' and 12' x 12', Tex White

G‑2020 | G‑2023 | G‑2323 Brochure (pdf) (1.5 Mb)

G‑2020 Technical Specifications (docx) (51 Kb)

G‑2023 Technical Specifications (docx) (52 Kb)

G‑2023 Technical Drawing (dwg) (218 Kb)

G‑2023 Technical Drawing (pdf) (218 Kb)

G‑2323 Technical Specifications (docx) (50 Kb)

G‑2323 Technical Drawing (dwg) (218 Kb)

G‑2323 Technical Drawing (pdf) (250 Kb)


G-1000, 16' x 14', White

G‑1000 Brochure (pdf) (1.7 Mb)

G‑1000 Technical Specifications (docx) (220 Kb)

G‑1000 Technical Drawing (dwg) (220 Kb)

G‑1000 Technical Drawing (pdf) (260 Kb)

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