Garaga Green Products

Garaga green product

Garaga recognizes that energy savings and eco-friendly products are important to you. Did you realize that garage door quality impacts your utility bills? This is because your garage door is typically the largest opening of your home. Having an insulated and solidly built door is smart for many reasons. If you have a "LEED project", we can supply the appropriate information to get your LEED certification.

LEED Certification

Here are some advantages of the Garaga garage door series

Energy Efficiency:

Garaga insulated doors are pressure injected with polyurethane foam that provides a true R value (R-12 to R-18). A solid interlocking joint with double lip weather-stripping contact increases weather tightness and reduces air infiltration. An efficient thermal break (wood end blocks combined with double seal perimeter weather stripping) prevents the transfer of cold to the inside of the door.

Solid Construction:

Garaga doors have a limited lifetime warranty and are designed to last over 25 years, and keep in mind that they are built to withstand the rigors of northern temperature variations. In addition, our residential hardware is top rated by garage door specialists.

Recycled Components:

The aluminum used in our Garaga doors is recyclable.

The high quality steel used in our doors and the hardware components of our door systems include 25% recycled steel.