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Garaga helps architects in achieving their projects whether it is for residential or for commercial purpose. You will find below all the necessary tools including brochures, drawings and technical specifications of our products.

Click on the link of your choice to directly access to residential garage doors or commercial garage doors.

Residential garage doors

Download the Residential Technical Document PDF Document (838 Kb)

Download the Limited Lifetime Warranty PDF Document (112 Kb)

Download the Maintenance Guide PDF Document (415 Kb)

Download the Installation Guide PDF Document (4.7 Mb)

Download the Complete Collection brochure PDF Document (3.1 Mb)

Download the Garaga & Novatech Today's Look Brochure PDF Document (1 Mb)

Commercial garage doors

Download the 24-pages Commercial Brochure PDF Document (8 Mb)

Download the Industrial Warranty Certificate PDF Document (48 Kb)

Download the Commercial Maintenance PDF Document (333 Kb)

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