1. Choosing your garage door

To make choosing the garage door of your dreams easier, here are several factors that will help you reach the best decision.

  • The architectural style of your home
    Our garage doors are grouped into 3 styles: Traditional, Contemporary and Carriage House.
  • The type of insulation
    Our garage doors can be insulated with polyurethane, polystyrene (Styrofoam) or non-insulated.
  • Your budget
    The price of a garage door varies based on several elements. These are generally associated with your needs.

What is the architectural style of your home?

Standard+ Shaker-Flat XL, 9' x 8', Ice White, 8 lite Orion windows

Traditional style

The most versatile style.

  • Timeless, classic and always popular.
  • Often built with only one exterior finish and a maximum of 2 accent colours.



Door designs with this style:

Princeton P‑11, Princeton P‑12, Princeton P‑13, Princeton P‑31, Eastman E‑11, Eastman E‑12, Eastman E‑13, Cambridge CM, Classic CC/Short, Classic MIX, Classic XL/Long, Prestige XL, Shaker‑Flat CC/Short, Shaker‑Flat XL/Long

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Traditional photo gallery

Standard+ Moderno 2 beads, 9' x 8', Black, window layout: Left-side Harmony

Contemporary style

A modern and sleek style, free of frills.

  • Simple, square yet striking lines.
  • Features neutral colours without too many textured materials.



Door designs with this style:

Cambridge CL, Vog, Shaker‑Modern XL, Moderno Multi/Echo, Moderno 2 beads, Grooved, Flush, California


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Contemporary photo gallery

Princeton P-21, 9’ x 7', Chocolate Walnut doors and overlays, 8 lite Panoramic windows

Carriage House style

A country house or cottage style, with warm and welcoming architectural elements.

  • Many vintage details, such as moldings, dormers and porches.
  • Integrates several textures and warm colours.

Door designs with this style:

Princeton P‑21, Princeton P‑22, Princeton P‑23, Eastman E‑21, Eastman E‑22, Eastman E‑23, Cambridge CS, North Hatley SP, North Hatley LP, Shaker‑Flat XS/XSmall, Shaker‑CS LP/Long, Shaker‑CS Short, Shaker-Slat Two, Shaker-Slat Four

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Carriage House photo gallery

For extra flair, add decorative elements to your garage door!

Garaga offers you an extensive selection of decorative windows. Whatever your taste, you will easily find the window model that will add a touch of elegance to your residence. In addition to being durable and weathertight, they provide a WOW factor.

See our window models

The Azur decorative window gives a Wow factor to your garage door.
The Cachet decorative window gives a Wow factor to your garage door.

In addition, we offer decorative hardware that reproduces the effect of wrought iron hinges and handles. These accessories are perfect for giving your doors a country or rustic look.

Learn more about decorative hardware

Decorative hardware, country style handles.

Coordinating colours is a challenge!

Because trends change so often, it's more difficult to determine the style of new homes. Here are some ideas to inspire you:

  • Ideally, use 2 or 3 colours for the exterior of a house, regardless of its style.
  • Exterior siding has become less and less colourful. The colour combinations must last over time. This means going more neutral and subdued.
  • To add some punch to homes, consider inserts and textures of different materials, such as wood, stone or brick.

To coordinate your garage door colour with that of your home as a whole:

  • Match the colour of your garage door to the colour of your window frames.
  • Try choosing a garage door the same colour as your front door for a more subdued look.
  • Try matching it with the colour of a particular architectural element of the house. This will give a great effect.

House plan created by Anne Paquet Design/CRÉA Architecture Design

The garage doors in this house plan, created by Anne Paquet Design/CRÉA Architecture Design, echo the style and colour of the gable beams above.

Contemporary style house with Standard+ Shaker-Modern XL garage door in Black.

Contemporary style house with 3 different exterior materials. The Standard + Shaker-Modern XL garage door in Black matches Novatech’s Soho model front door in Black.

Carriage house style home with Cambridge CS garage door in Chocolate Walnut.

Carriage house style home with only one exterior colour. The Cambridge CS Chocolate Walnut garage door matches with the wooden beams, window frames and porch.

What kind of insulation do you need for your garage door?

Insulation is an extremely important feature. Here are some questions that will help you choose the right insulation for you, depending on what you plan to do in your garage.

  • Is energy saving important to you?
  • Is your garage attached to or detached from your house?
  • Will you spend a lot of time in your garage? Does it need to be a comfortable temperature?

Possible types of insulation

Polyurethane insulated garage doors with an R‑value of R‑16 / R‑12

Polyurethane Insulation

Built with 2 steel or aluminium walls and polyurethane foam (Steel + Polyurethane + Steel). The insulation is injected at high pressure into the metal structure and ensures a high level of rigidity to the door. R-16 and R-12 values are recommended if you want a well-insulated and energy-saving garage.

R-16 door models: Princeton, Eastman, Cambridge, Standard+, Top Tech, H-Tech

R-12 door models: Acadia 138

Learn more about R-values

Garage doors with 2 steel walls + polystyrene insulation wih an R-value of R-8.7

3 layers | Polystyrene

Built with polystyrene insulation (Styrofoam) bonded to 2 steel walls (Steel + Polystyrene + Steel). This construction is ideal if you live in a temperate climate. In colder regions, it is often used for detached garages, out buildings and sheds.

Door models: Vantage and Village Collection

Garage doors with 1 steel wall + polystyrene insulation with an R-value of R-7.2

2 layers | Polystyrene or Non-insulated

Constructed with polystyrene insulation (Styrofoam) bonded to a steel wall (Steel + Polystyrene). The polystyrene is protected by a vinyl sheet and the total thickness of this panel is 2". This door can be installed when insulation and interior finish are not priorities, such as in detached garages, out buildings and sheds.

Door models: Regal and Village Collection

Non-insulated garage doors

2 layers | Polystyrene or Non-insulated

Made of a single layer of steel with a light woodgrain finish. Ideal for detached garages, out buildings or sheds that do not require insulation.

Available door model: Regal

What is your budget?

It is difficult to say how much your project will cost. There are several components that cause the cost of a garage door to vary. So, plan your budget taking into account the components:

  • The look: the design, colour, windows, etc.
  • The construction: size, insulation, in steel or aluminum, the hardware system, etc.

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Classic CC or Classic Short Design on Garaga Design Centre

Use our Design Centre to create the garage door that best suits your home.

Create the garage door of your dreams!