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  • Why do you want to replace your garage door?

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    This is the question you need to ask your client before talking about product features. It is important to understand why your customers wants to buy a garage door if you want to provide them with the right advice. The following list will help you to pinpoint the exact need:

    1) Find out about the project

    a. New house or renovation?

    b. The garage fits one or two cars?

    c. If it's a garage for two cars, one double or two single doors?

    d. What budget is allocated for purchase?

    2) About the garage

    a. Is it attached to the house?

    b. Is it detached?

    c. Is it heated? Will it be used for activities other than parking a car?

    d. Is it underneath the house? Is there an entry door to or for the garage?

    e. Is there a room above the garage?

    f. Is there a garage door opener? Does it need to be replaced?

    g. Should the door provide added security against theft?

    3) Importance of aesthetics

    a. Do they want to improve their home's curb appeal?

    b. What style is the home: colonial, contemporary, modern, etc.

    c. Are they planning on changing the style of the home?

    4) Specific needs

    a. Door model and color

    b. Windows

    c. Garage door opener

    d. Related work needed (e.g. door framing)?

    e. Installation: specialist or do-it-yourself?


    Our internal surveys show there are at least 5 reasons that initiate the purchase of garage door

    Reasons Garaga Solution
    Tired of painting it! Garaga doors are made with baked polyester paint and are offered in a wide selection of colors: 

    - Cambridge, Eastman Estate : 8 colors            - North Hatley : 9 colors
    - H-Tech : 8 colors                                       - Top Tech : 1 color
    - Standard+, XL or MIX : 9 colors                   - Stratton 138, Acadia 138 : 5 colors
    - Triforce : 5 colors                                       - Dualforce, Uniforce : 4 colors
    Tired of how it looks! Garaga doors offer models to compliment different home styles:

    - Cottage Country, Victorian: Eastman Estate, North Hatley or Stratton 138
    - Contemporary, Townhouse: Cambridge, Top-Tech, H-Tech, Standard+ or Acadia 138
    - Raised Ranch, Colonial, Bungalow: H-Tech, Standard+, Acadia 138, Triforce, Dualforce or Uniforce
    Tired of being cold! Garaga doors are insulated with polyurethane, providing an R-value between R-12 and R-18. Moreover, Garaga offers the best weather protection systems with its InterLockTM seal, its ThermaBlokTM frame weather stripping, its "U"-Shaped bottom weather stripping, and its wood end blocks that prevent heat transfers between the outside and the inside of the door.
    Tired of fixing it! Garaga doors are 1 3/4" or 2" thick, making them twice as strong as polystyrene doors. Our Dura+ hardware ("14-gauge" tracks, nylon rollers with 11-ball bearings, anchoring welded to rails, 3 strengthening bars for double doors) doubles the life span of your garage door.
    I don't want to spend a lot! Standard+, Acadia 138, Dualforce and Uniforce doors can be what your customer is looking for.


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