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Garaga is definitely the best buy

Are you tired of freezing or hot, painting, struggling, looking at it or getting soaked?

Shopping around for a new garage door used to be a very simple decision as designs and styles were limited. Today, garage doors have evolved, and even though reasonably priced, they are still a major investment. Because your door may be around for twenty years, it would be wise to count on a garage door manufacturer that has set the standards in the industry. Otherwise, your next garage door purchase could cause a lot of frustration.

See 25 good reasons why "You'll Never Regret" buying a GARAGA garage door to learn why we are so proud of our doors. Discover the beauty of quality describing the Garaga difference.

The following features apply to polyurethane-insulated Garaga doors

Garage Door Construction

1. Strong yet lightweight composite material

Provides exceptional durability.

2. High pressure-injected polyurethane foam 

Provides a thermal resistance factor that is twice that of a polystyrene-insulated garage door.

3. Wood end section (pine) 

Avoids thermal bridges, eliminates conduction of cold.

4. 14-gauge anchoring plates hinges, lift handles and the garage door opener 

Provide a solid, durable structure for your garage door.

5. Flexible weatherstripping along top of the garage door 

Prevents air and water infiltration (optional).

6. Flexible "U"-shaped bottom weatherstripping 

Molds itself to the garage floor for maximum airtightness.

7. Triple-contact, airtight, PVC joints between the garage door sections

Offer remarkable air tightness, efficient thermal breaks and incomparable sturdiness.

8. Double-lip perimeter weatherstripping 

Protects against air, water, snow and dust infiltration.

Garage Door Hardware

9. 14-gauge galvanized steel tracks, bearing the Garaga seal 

Allow the garage door to function perfectly for numerous years. 
Ensure the long-term solidity of the frame.

10. 11-ballbearing steel rollers coated with nylon 

Steel rollers increase opening mechanism durability. 
The nylon provides smoother and quieter door operation.

11. Welded anchoring plates on vertical tracks 

Increase the longevity and durability of the garage door hardware.

12. "Dura+" System for torsion springs 

Optional; 20,000-cycle springs help double the lifespan of your door.

Garage Door Options

13. Choice of many garage door colors 

Coordinate the colour or your home and garage door. Select from among many colours for our steel doors and for our aluminum doors.

14. Choice of 3 garage door finishes: 2 woodgrain finishes and one textured smooth finish 

Gives the door a distinctive look.

15. Choice of many different designs from traditional, contemporary or carriage house styles  

Complements the architectural style of your home.

16. Wide choice of decorative garage door window designs 

Gives your home a unique appearance.

17. Choice of size: standard or custom garage doors 

Provides a perfect fit for any garage opening. 
Accommodates a symmetrical panel arrangement. 
Enables you to pay the same price for a customized garage door.

Garage Door Openers

18. LiftMaster door openers with belt drive 

Provides smoother and quieter operation. 
Lifetime warranty on motor.

19. LiftMaster door openers with chain drive. 

Long lasting and reliable. 
Warranty can vary depending on model.

20. Multifunctional control panel with lock/security system, light switch and illuminated push button 

Combines all door opener functions in one location.

Security for your home

21. Lighted, digital exterior keypad 

Allows you to open and close the door from outside without a remote control. Ideal for garages with no service door.

22. Dual automatic reverse system (photoelectrical and mechanical) 

Reduces the risk of accidents and damaging property when the door closes.

23. MyQTM Technology – Gives you control over your door opener from anywhere in the world. 

Uses LiftMaster’s Internet Gateway to connect your smartphone, tablet or computer to your garage door for the most secure operation.


24. Lifetime warranty on garage door sections  

Guarantees the door's resistance to perforation due to rust.

25. Two-year warranty on Dura+ hardware 

Guarantees overall solidity during critical years.

Garaga, every detail guaranteedTM