Garaga Story

The History of Garaga

Founded in 1983, Garaga is one of the leading manufacturers of garage doors and overhead doors in Canada. A family-owned business, it designs and manufactures superior garage doors and the related hardware systems for the residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial markets. Garaga's products are sold throughout Canada, the United States, Central and South America.

1983 >

In 1983, at the age of 26, the opportunity for Michel Gendreau to realize his dream presents itself. He discovers that he can purchase the assets of a garage door manufacturing company located in Saint-Georges, Quebec, Canada. Garaga is thus born.

Michel Gendreau pledges to offer a higher-quality product and better customer service than what exists at the time. The first product from Garaga, almost unknown until that time in Canada, is a lightly insulated aluminum garage door in a choice of six colors.

First Plant Garaga
1983 - The first plant of Garaga
1983 - Michel Gendreau at the age of 26

1986 >

Garaga invests $1.2 million (USD) in the construction of a new plant in St-Georges.

Usine 1986
1986 - Garaga plant in 1986

1990 >

Garaga launches its own production line for residential and commercial garage door hardware.

1990 - The hardware section

1991 >

Garaga lands a $2.5-million contract to produce insulated panels used for thermal reinforcement of the Manic-5 hydroelectric dam in Northern Quebec. The project pushes Garaga into developing higher production standards that will later be used to meet ISO requirements.

1993 >

Garaga launches its first steel doors, the Standard+ (residential) and the G-5000 (commercial). Both doors combine galvanized steel with five coats of polyester paint and polyurethane foam insulation.

1995 >

With the development of markets in Ontario, western Canada, and the U.S. Great Lakes region, Garaga opens a new 40,000 sq ft. manufacturing plant in Barrie, Ontario.

Plant in Barrie
1995 - Plant in Barrie

1996 >

The company develops a network of distributors specializing in the sales, installation and repair of garage door systems named Garaga Experts. The goal is to provide its end users with absolute peace of mind.

Garaga is among the first garage door manufacturers to launch a fully functional website,

1997 >

Garaga becomes the first manufacturer of garage doors in North America to achieve ISO 9002 certification for its manufacturing process.

1999 >

As the year 2000 approaches, Garaga changes its name from Garaga Doors (2000) to Garaga Inc.

2000 >

Garaga builds a new 128,000 sq. ft. manufacturing plant in St-Georges to add a second production line for two new 26-gauge steel doors, the Standard+ Classic MIX and the Standard+ Classic XL.

Plant St-Georges
2000 - The new plant construction

2003 >

Garaga's garage door manufacturing operations in St. Georges, QC and Barrie, ON are both certified under the 2000 version of the ISO-9001 standard. By successfully completing the transition from the ISO 9002 standard to the latest ISO 9001 standard in November 2003, Garaga reaches another milestone, demonstrating its commitment to the continuous improvement of its quality system as well as its garage door systems and services.

Garaga launches a very useful extranet tool for its dealers named GaragaNet. This system provides extended online support with quotations, orders and deliveries for its dealers who specialize in the sales, installation and repair of garage doors.

2005 >

Garaga invests in new equipment at its St-Georges plant to produce the new North Hatley door, the first carriage-style steel door for its Townships Collection.

2006 >

Garaga adds 30,000 sq. ft. to its Barrie plant (total: 75,000 sq. ft.) to produce the Alterna series of 24-gauge steel doors. The commercial version is the G‑8000 or the G‑8500.

2007 >

Garaga launches the Eastman Estate, the first Canadian-made garage door with decorative PVC overlays.

2008 >

The company celebrates its 25th anniversary (1983-2008).

2010 >

A new garage door is added to the Townships Collection, named the Stratton 138.

2011 >

Garaga launches the Cambridge door which blends vintage urban styling with Garaga’s highest standards for quality, energy efficiency, and durability.

2012 >

The brand new, all-windowed California door and a redesigned G‑4400 door are launched. At the same time, Garaga adds the popular and trendy color Black to its selection of colors.

Cambridge Garage Door
2012 - The Cambridge garage door
California Garage Door
2012 - The California garage door

2013 >

Launch of the new LP elongated country-style panel designs for its North Hatley and Stratton 138 models. Along with this, the SP country-style design is added to Garaga’s Uniforce and Dualforce door lines.

2014 >

Garaga presents the Triforce, an R‑10 polystyrene-insulated door, setting a new standard of efficiency in this category.

2015 >

Garaga adds the Moderno Multi and Moderno 2 beads designs for its Standard+ residential door. They are ideally suited for modern and contemporary style homes.

2016 >

Garaga expands its door design by adding the VOG, Prestige and Shaker (CC and XS) to the options for its Standard+ residential door. They fit not only traditional style homes but contemporary as well.

At the same time, Garaga teams up with the NOVATECHTM Group to offer entry doors and windows to coordinate with garage doors.

In the same year, Garaga expands its St-Georges, QC plant by 20,000 sq. ft.

2018 >

Garaga introduces a new garage door, the Princeton, completing its Townships Collection line. As well, a new model is added for its Standard+ residential door, the Shaker XL. In addition, the new color Chocolate Walnut is launched. All of these new products lead to the expansion of its Barrie, ON plant by 20,000 sq. ft.

2018 >

Garaga acquires Mid‑America Door Co., located in Ponca City, Oklahoma, to manufacture garage doors in the United States.

2020 >

Garaga expands its door design by adding the Shaker‑Modern XL to the options for its Standard+ residential door. To develop this design, Garaga teamed up with the NOVATECH Group so it would fit perfectly with its Shaker Collection entry doors. The Shaker‑Modern XL design suits the Contemporary Style as well as the more laid‑back chalet people like to create for their urban home.

Attuned to emerging trends, Garaga also has crafted a brand new color – Iron Ore Walnut – a magnificent shade combining the richness of walnut grain with a deep iron gray. Iron Ore Walnut color is first available for the Standard+, which offers 15 different panel designs, from traditional to carriage-house or modern style. Iron Ore Walnut is also available in the Townships Collection.

Iron Ore Walnut Color
Iron Ore Walnut Color
Shaker-Modern XL Design
Shaker-Modern XL Design

Finally, Garaga expanded the California full‑view garage door series by adding many new frame colors and many new types of glass.

Today >

  • Garaga remains a family business lead by the Gendreau family.
  • 3 production plants: St‑Georges (148,000 sq. ft.), Barrie (115,000 sq. ft.) and Ponca City, OK (180,000 sq. ft.). There is also a distribution centre in Montreal (QC).
  • They have sold and installed more than 3.6 million garage doors since 1983.
  • The 345 employees at Garaga and Mid‑America are dedicated to producing the best products on the market.
Maxime, Michel, Martin Gendreau
Maxime, Michel and Martin Gendreau