3. Installing a garage door

For taking your measurements, you can download the “Taking door measurements” form.

IMPORTANT: We recommend that you contact a Garaga specialist to avoid mistakes when taking measurements. This will ensure that the garage door you order is exactly the size you need.


How Measure a Garage Door


Never measure in relation to the existing door, but instead in relation to the opening where the door is located.

  • Required rear clearance for the door: h + 24" (610 mm) (h = height of the door)
  • Minimum space between the door jamb and wall: 6" (152 mm)
  • Minimum space between two doors installed side by side: 12" (305 mm)

We advise you to contact a Garaga specialist to ensure the exact measurements of the garage door required to carry out your project.

Headroom requirements

Spring Opens manually Opens with an opener
Torsion Minimum 5"
Standard 12"
Minimum 7"
Standard 14"
Extension Minimum 5"
Standrad 8 1/2"
Minimum 7"
Standard 10 1/2"
Spring Opens manually
Torsion Minimum 5"
Standard 12"
Extension Minimum 5"
Standard 8 1/2"
Spring Opens with an opener
Torsion Minimum 7"
Standard 14"
Extension Minimum 7"
Standard 10 1/2"

Torsion springs are recommended for better operation of the garage door and more safety.

Preparing the opening

Make sure that the size of the opening matches the size of the door. For example: a door of 9' X 7' (2743 X 2134 mm) needs an opening of 9' wide by 7' high.

The position of the header and back jambs are very important. The header must be flush (on the same plane) with back jambs. The back jambs must be perpendicular, plumb, and square.

Check headroom and rear clearance of the door so as to have enough room for the door to work properly.

Interior view

The installation of your garage door

You have two options:

  1. Install your garage door yourself. See the Garaga Installation Manual.
  2. Work with a Garaga specialist. This way you are assured of an impeccable installation: a well-balanced door, optimal airtightness and no friction that could cause premature wear.

Installed garage door

Garaga garage door installer

Garaga specialists offer a turnkey service that includes taking measurements and installing the door. You can also request related services, such as the removal and pick-up of your old door and the repair and capping of the frame.

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