A network of garage door experts

When choosing a garage door, you deserve the utmost in professionalism. This is what prompted Garaga to set up the "Garaga Experts" network, consisting of select garage door professionals who meet our strict criteria for knowledge, experience, and reputation. Thanks to our network of expert dealers, all our customers are assured their garage door installation will be performed by a true specialist, whether it is a residential, industrial or commercial application.

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What you should expect of a Garaga Expert

  • The best professional service
  • The peace of mind that comes from a perfectly done job
  • A securely-installed door, with no detail overlooked
  • A knowledgeable counselor to help you make the best choice corresponding to your needs
Garaga Experts

With Garaga Experts, you get "Quality Work...Time After Time"

The first step in a quality installation job is taking the measurements. When a Garaga Expert is called to a site, not only will he accurately determine the size of your door, but he will follow up by ensuring the panels are aligned, checking air tightness, and identifying any potential problems. This will save you from making costly mistakes and give you peace of mind.

A Garaga Expert has acquired experience in sales, installation and repairs. He knows the A to Z's of garage doors: from selecting the best-suited Garaga door for you home to properly balancing the door and performing preventive maintenance. It will be done right the first time!

He knows the Garaga product line like no one else. He has been trained using a consultative approach, ready to help you make the right choice. Whether you are looking for energy efficiency, style, color, or decorative windows, all our Garaga Expert dealers are committed to delivering total customer satisfaction.&

You only buy a garage door once in a lifetime, so choose a proven professional in the garage door industry.

We guarantee our work (residential doors)

The Garaga Experts basic warranty is one of the most comprehensive in the industry. Our warranty covers the door, the Dura+ hardware, the weatherstripping and the garage door opener when sold by Garaga with the installation performed by a Garaga Experts specialist. This warranty is provided at no charge and is exclusive through our Garaga Experts network.

This program is only available in Canada and the US. Contact your Garaga Expert to know all details. There are nearly 170 Garaga Experts throughout Canada and the Northeastern US.

Find a Garaga garage doors dealer today!

Quality work should be the norm, not the exception.