Pro tip: Caring for your garage door

Taking care of the surface of your garage door
Garage door expert doing maintenance on garage door springs

Cleaning your garage door

  • Rinse your door with a garden hose to remove dust.
  • Wash your door with a mitt and a "wash and wax" type of cleaner that is usually used to clean cars (follow the instructions on the bottle).
  • Rinse.

Avoid abrasive cleaners or very strong liquid soaps and NEVER use a high-pressure spray washing machine.

Once a year, apply a thin, even coat of liquid car wax, taking care NOT to leave deposits in the wood grain (follow the instructions on the bottle). You will protect the luster and restore the shine on your garage door.

If wax deposits remain lodged in the wood grain, gently brush the door with a soft bristle brush. Pay particular attention to wax build-up near window frames and decorative overlays.

Cleaning the frame and bottom weatherstripping of your garage door

Garaga weatherstripping is of the highest quality. We suggest that you use the same all-purpose vinyl detergent that you use to clean your outdoor furniture.

  • Wash your garage door weather stripping
  • Rinse well with a garden hose.
  • Lubricate them once every 3 months (or more often depending on the frequency of use) with Garaga PVC lubricant or a silicone-based product. NEVER use a petroleum-based lubricant. Petroleum attacks the rubber, which must remain flexible to be effective.

A tip from the Pros for prolonging the life of your weather stripping: Do not crush your bottom door weather stripping to the floor by increasing the pressure of your opener. You will cause your bottom weatherstripping and exterior frame weatherstripping to wear out more quickly. In addition to affecting the proper operation of your garage door due to the friction applied to it.

Lubricating the tracks, hinges, rollers and springs of your garage door

Use Garaga Metal Lubricant to lubricate the rollers and hinges. For tracks, use Garaga lubricant, mainly in the bend of the track. The same applies to the springs - this will extend the life of your springs.

Maintaining your electric garage door opener

A garage door specialist make a maintenance of the LiftMaster garage door opener

Note that most openers have been lubricated at the time of installation with special grease. Perform maintenance on your automatic door opener once every 3 months by opening your door manually. A well-balanced garage door opens easily with one hand.

If it is unbalanced or jammed, call on the services of a Garaga garage door professional.

  • Make sure the door opens and closes completely. If necessary, adjust the travel and/or force controls. Refer to your electric garage door opener's instruction manual.
  • Also check the photocell safety reversal sensors. The garage door should automatically reverse its movement if an object or person is in its path. Make sure the sensors are properly connected and aligned.
  • Never allow children to play with the door opener. Make sure that the remote control is inaccessible to them.

For your safety

NEVER attempt to adjust the spring system, the parts attached to it or the lifting cables yourself. It is under high tension and your safety is at stake. Instead, ask your Garaga garage door professional to check it at least once a year.

Add windows to your garage door give a WOW effect, but we must take carte of them.

Does your garage door have windows? They need some love and care too!

See the steps to clean your windows

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