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  • Steps to change your garage door

    Steps to get the perfect garage door


    Want to learn more about the steps to change a garage door? This section is designed for you! In fact, we will present the steps for choosing a new garage door and your professional installer. We will explain the installation of the door and the recommended maintenance schedule to keep your door in perfect condition.


    Step 1: How to choose a garage door
    Step 2: How to choose a garage door installer
    Step 3: How to install a garage door
    Step 4: Garaga garage door maintenance tips


    We also invite you to watch these two great videos below.


    1. A new garage door to enhance and up the value of your home:

    2. Upgrading your home with a garage door makeover:



    Garaga Design Center


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    View the first step on how to choose a garage door


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