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  • Step 1: How to choose a garage door


    Choose your garage door with these 2 helpful tips in mind

    • The architectural style of your house

    • The need for thermal insulation determined by the use of your garage and its location relative to the parts of your home.


     See how simple it can be!




    Door Models

    Door handles for Cottage Country and Victorian home styles

    Cottage Country, Victorian


    Choose a door that integrates with its façade, extending its lines and architectural details, as if it had been designed by the same craftsman


    Eastman Estate
    North Hatley
    Stratton 138

    Lantern representing Contemporary and townhouse home style

    Contemporary, Townhouse

    Choose simple lines, a plain door or panels with horizontal grooves

    California, Cambridge,
    Top Tech, H-Tech,
    Standard+, Acadia 138,

    Flowers representing the Raised Ranch and Colonial Bungalow home style

    Raised Ranch, Colonial Bungalow

    Opt for extended horizontal patterns like those of the elongated XL or MIX patterns

    H-Tech, Standard+, Acadia 138, Triforce, Dualforce, Uniforce


    Color Tips


    As a rule, the color of your door should integrate and harmonize with your home.

    • Match the color of your garage door to your window frames rather than your entry door.

    • Choose a color that harmonizes with your brick or exterior cladding.

    • Avoid an overwhelming contrast with the brick by choosing shades of sand or clay that harmonize with the mortar.
      House color match tips  

    Windows and decorative hardware


    Garaga offers an entirely new line of decorative garage door windows to answer to the increasing demand from homeowners who desire more choice, design and harmony that match their entry door.


    Garaga offers one of the most extensive choices of decorative garage door windows on the market. Durable and weather tight, they feature PVC frames that will not discolor.


    Various styles of garage door windows are offered to you: Standard, Antique, Orion, Printed Process, Plastics inserts, Arch and Panoramic. The panes have silver, gold came patterns between the glass. Clear, glue chip or satin beveled glasses are also popular.


    Other models of garage door windows can be produced to order. Consult your local Garaga dealer.


    Garaga Nottingham window 21 x 13

    Garaga Arch 4-lite windows 21 x 13

    Garaga Orion 4-lite window 21 x 13





    Garaga Cathedral window 21 x 13

    Garaga Empire window 21 x 13

    Garaga Standard clear window 21 x 13

    Plastic Insert

    Printing Process



    Decorative hardware


    The garage door decorative hardware reproduces the effect of forged iron hinges and handles found on traditional carriage house doors. It adds a touch of refinement that has maintained its charm over the years.

    Standard decorative hardware for garage doors Lis hinges decorative hardware for garage doors



    Cottage decorative hardware for garage doors

    Decorative door knockers for garage doors


    Door Knockers


    Garaga invites you to create your custom garage door using the Garaga Design Center.


    Which type of insulation and thermal efficiency do you need?



    Recommended Door Models1

    Garaga garaga door polyurethane insulation
    Arrow choice

    Arrow choice

    Arrow choice

    Polyurethane insulation
    High R2 factor (R16)

    Arrow choice

    Arrow choice

    Arrow choice
    Arrow choice

    Arrow choice

    H-Tech, Top Tech, Cambridge, Eastman Estate, North Hatley, Standard+

    Polyurethane insulation
    Good R factor (R12)

    Acadia 138

    Garaga garage door polystyrene insulation

    Polystyrene insulation
    Low R factor (R10)


    Garaga garage door polystyrene insulation

    Polystyrene insulation
    Low R factor (R6.6) or Non-insulated

    Dualforce, Uniforce



    1Non applicable for California. The retractable glass window panels should not be used for insulation properties.
    2The R value is the unit used to measure the effectiveness of the thermal insulation. The higher the R value, the greater the heating and cooling efficiency.


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