Can I add the Chamberlain / LiftMaster myQ app with my current garage door opener?

The myQ Garage was designed to work with the following brand of garage door openers, all of the following garage door openers use Saftey Reversing Sensors and a either a Program or Learn button. For more details about this app, consult the FAQ page of myQ. The myQ Garage will NOT operate a garage door opener with DIP-Switches however, the myQ Garage can be configured to monitor your garage door opener.

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  • LiftMaster, Chamberlain, Craftsman (Sears), and Other Chamberlain manufactured after 1993:
    • Security+2.0, 310/315/390MHz: Yellow Learn Button
    • Security+, 315MHz: Purple Learn Button
    • Security+, 390MHz: Orange/Red Learn Button
    • Billion Code, 390MHz: Green Learn Button
  • Genie/Overhead Head Door: 315/390MHz - Intellicode 1 and Intellicode 2 GDO's
  • Stanley: 310MHz - SecureCode GDO's
  • Wayne-Dalton: 372.5MHz - KeeLoq GDO's
  • Linear: 318MHz - Megacode GDO's

For more details, consult the following web link or contact us. Bring with you your remote control in visiting him and he will find it.

You can also download myQ app flyer

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