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Decorative hardware

Handmade wrought iron texture

Decorative Hardware - Handmade wrought iron texture
Lis decorative hardware


Door knockers decorative hardware

Door knockers

Slightly Bumpy Texture

Decorative Hardware - Slightly Bumpy Texture
Standard decorative hardware


Cottage decorative hardware


Design Center - Pop-up Arch Overlay - Microsites (English)

Arch overlay

Available for Princeton and Eastman​

Always installed in the top section of the door and only available with Panoramic windows or without windows.​

Arch Overlay Eastman Clear Panoramic without grid

Clear Panoramic without grid

Arch Overlay Eastman 4 vertical lites Panoramic

4 vertical lites Panoramic

Arch Overlay Eastman 8 lites Panoramic

8 lites Panoramic

Arch Overlay Eastman Without windows

Without windows

Design Center - Pop-up Gauge (English)


Unit of measure to evaluation the thickness of sheet metal. The smaller the gauge number, the thicker the steel.

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