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    Insulation of a Garaga garage doorOverhead doors should be examined closely when evaluating the energy efficiency of a building. Insulation is important, but it's not the only factor to consider. Even if different insulated doors carry the same R-value, they are not equal. The R-value does not consider the heat loss between panels and around the perimeter. To counter this considerable loss of energy, Garaga engineered TPE bottom weather seals, superior door frame weather seals and an INTERLOKTM triple-contact moulding system that surpass all other doors on the market in term of energy efficiency.

    GARAGA: the best Energy-saving solution


    Features Details Benefits
    Air Barrier Systems - Bottom weather sealBottom weather seal Made of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) Remains flexible during cold weather (-62 F, -52 C) compared to vinyl which hardens, cracking and splitting over time.
    Air Barrier Systems - INTERLOK triple-contact interlocking jointsINTERLOKTM triple-contact interlocking joints Installed at the intersection of sections, the weather-stripping seals the door face skins avoiding thermal bridges Tested by Garaga labGARAGA joints outperform the competition by a factor of 50 on average when testing a rate of leakage.
    Air Barrier Systems - Perimeter weather sealPerimeter weather seal Double-lipped seal overlapping the door by 1½" Ensures the cold stays outside the garage better than a single lip.
    Air Barrier Systems - top weather sealOptional: Top weather seal installed on the top section 2½" flexible black PVC seal Provides extra weather tightness for the most demanding situations.

    Garaga Lab

    GARAGA invites you to see for yourself what makes its door outstanding in terms of performance. Visit and browse through the 4 videos explaining the tests conducted to benchmark our door against other brands.

    COLD STOP SystemTM

    Features Details Benefits
    Cold Stop System - Wood end blocksWood end blocks Kiln-dried pine wood end blocks (guaranteed for 10 years against cracking & rotting) Tested by Garaga labGARAGA provides the most effective thermal break in the industry. Other manufacturers use steel end caps as low-cost reinforcing braces. They are the weakest link in the efficiency of door insulation constituting a thermal bridge opposed to a thermal break which stops the cold.
    Cold Stop System - Polyurethane foamHigh density pressure‑injected polyurethane foam R Factor is R-16

    CFC Free

    HCFC Free
    Higher insulation rating than polystyrene. Furthermore, the wood end blocks are specially designed so that the polyurethane moves closer to the edge of the panel thus stopping the cold better.
    Cold Stop System - Sealed thermo-pane windowsSealed thermo-pane windows Sealed with thermo-pane windows with galvanised metal spacer Best to prevent seal failure.

    ROCK SOLID ConstructionTM

    Features Details Benefits
    Rock Solid Construction - Wood end-block + screw systemWood end-block + screw system Screws have 8 teeth fixed in the wood (1 3/4''-thick wood) Provides much better fastening of the end hinges which are attached to solid wood with lag screws engaging 8 threads. Competitors use a self-tapping screw going through a steel end cap, door sheet and hinge strip engaging only about 2 or 3 threads.
    Rock Solid Construction - Reinforcement metal platesReinforcement metal plates Garaga uses 14-gauge (0.073") plates behind the skin for attaching hinges, lift handles and the electric operator bracket. Thickest on market and much stronger than a 20-gauge plate, permitting the installation of full hinges instead of half hinges (competitors). GARAGA also supplies self‑tapping screws with lock serration. Better attachment, stronger door system and longer life of the door.

    Now you have the best energy saving door with GARAGA. Ask your representative for the best door system!

    Steps to have the best door system

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