How is a polyurethane-injected section of a Garaga door made?

So you’re ready to buy your next garage door, and you’ve looked at information about Garaga products, including their steel insulated garage doors, but wondering what sets Garaga apart from the other? Garaga knows how to insulate a garage door right. Basically, their doors are not just insulated, but weatherproof to attacks by the worst Canada’s climate can throw at them.


Most GARAGA insulated garage doors are injected with polyurethane foam. This insulation is the most effective of the insulating materials on the market for the space allowed, yielding up to an R‑16 insulation level. It is a little known product that yet does wonders in insulating and weatherproofing our homes from harsh winters. It is twice as effective as polystyrene insulation, commonly called white Styrofoam. Polyurethane is also an air barrier as well as a vapor barrier.

Steel entry door manufacturers also use polyurethane as insulation in their doors. Door and window installers also use it for sealing gaps around windows or entry doors, and in order to ensure a better seal when the product is installed. As for polystyrene, among other uses, it is found in blocks to protect fragile items in their shipping boxes.


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Another big benefit of polyurethane is that is adheres to the walls of the door, allowing the door section to become a sort of composite product. This advantage ensures flexural strength two times greater than polystyrene (sheet inserted between the walls of the door).

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When the energy efficiency of a house or building is evaluated, the construction of the garage doors must be closely examined. Garage door insulation is important, but it’s not the only factor to look at.

Even when different brands of garage doors display the same insulation value, they are not necessarily equivalent. The R‑value doesn’t take into consideration heat and energy loss coming from the joints between door sections, as well as at the exterior perimeter of the door.

In order to reduce significant energy loss, Garaga has developed:

  • a flexible bottom weatherseal;
  • effective weather stripping for the exterior frame;
  • high-performance triple-contact weatherstripping between sections.

These three types of weatherseals surpass all others on the market in terms of energy efficiency, making Garaga doors the best insulated garage doors out there!

A good portion of heat loss comes from weather stripping installed on the exterior frame. Often, this weather stripping is equipped with only one blade as weatherseal, with little overlapping on the garage door and which becomes rigid as soon as the temperature drops below freezing. Garaga’s Thermablok TM exterior frame (perimeter) weather stripping is produced with a double-blade system which overlaps the door by 1 ½" (38 mm) around the perimeter of the door. The quality of the PVC used in its production is far superior to similar weatherstripping. To measure this, the price you pay for a weatherstripping system is proportional to its quality. The more economical it is, the more effectiveness you’ll lose in cold weather.

Additionally, a Garaga insulated garage door has eliminated all transfers of cold into the garage. Called thermal breaks, they are found:

  • at the ends of sections through the use of wood blocks. Unlike steel caps, wood blocks stop all transfer of cold;
  • at the joints between sections with Garaga’s Interlok TM system of blocking cold. As the exterior wall of the door isn’t in contact with that of the interior, the cold is kept outside and the garage stays warm;
  • at the weatherseal on the threshold of the door. A U-shaped weatherseal is slid into a rigid, extruded PVC strip. The weatherseal remains flexible even down to arctic levels of -62°F or -52°C

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