Energy savings with an insulated garage door

Homeowners do many efforts to reduce energy costs. However, even if they have done a good job of implementing measures to lower utility bills, they still remain high. This is because homeowners often forget to consider the largest moving part of their home: the garage.

According to J-F Morin, director of marketing at Garaga Inc. (, «there are many advantages about making energy saving improvements in your garage. In fact, it will keep the garage area and adjacent rooms to the garage warmer in winter and cooler in the summer. Moreover, if you use the garage as a workshop or a recreation area, having an insulated door will keep the temperature more comfortable».

Energy savings with an insulated garage door

Mr. Morin notes that the first thing to look at is the insulation value of your garage door: a higher R-value is better for energy savings. The inside skins of a door are insulated with either polysterene or polyurethane. Polyurethane provides twice the insulation value than polysterene. It bonds the door's skin and adheres to the metal ensuring strength that reduces the chance of the metal skin separating from the insulation.

Notice that the advertised R-value of a garage door means very little if the door does not have a complete thermal break system and a proper weather seal system around all four sides of the door and between door sections. Without thermal break , heat and cold will move from the outside of the door to inside of the garage, reducing the insulation value of the door. Metal end caps may allow frost build up and the door sections to freeze together.

Mr. Morin says «the perimeter weather seal system is useful to prevent wind, rain and snow from entering the garage. The type of weather seal used should not be overlooked». The proper perimeter weather seal is made up of two parts, the seal gasket and the holder. The seal gasket should be made of rubber so it will not split or crack.

Finally, what makes the difference between two insulated garage doors is the way they are installed. Homeowners can count on garage door specialists to help them out with their garage door. More information is available at

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