Can I match the color of my doors and windows with my Garaga garage door? (Color codes)

We are providing the following Sico, Benjamin Moore, Laurentide and Sherwin-Williams (coming soon) color codes to help you to match the color on your new GARAGA garage door as closely as possible to your doors and windows.

Note that the final color can vary depending on the sheen of the paint (flat, satin, semi-gloss and gloss), and the surface being painted (wood, steel, aluminum, fiberglass, etc.), as well as the application method (spray, brush, etc.). Therefore you should not expect a perfect color match to your GARAGA garage door. You or your painter may have to experiment with the sheen and application to obtain a color match that is satisfactory.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: All color codes have been provided by the technical service departments of the paint companies mentioned here. Garaga updates these paint suppliers color codes on a regular basis, but we assume no responsibility for the accuracy of this information. We strongly recommend that you bring a Garaga door paint chip to your store to assist them in providing you with the closest match, in addition to providing them with the color codes. Your local Garaga Dealer can provide you with a Garaga door paint chip. We have found that some paint dealers cannot reproduce our colors from the color codes due to the limitations of their coloring machines however the paint chip will help them to do so.

Here are the coloration formulas corresponding to a Garaga door. Preparation: 946 ml = 1 QT

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Sico Paint
Benjamin Moore Paint
Laurentide Paint
Sherwin-Williams Paint
Sico Paint Benjamin Moore Paint Laurentide Paint Sherwin-Williams Paint

Wood surfaces:

Metal surfaces:

Sico 811 Series (exterior matte latex) Series 817 (exterior semi-gloss acrylic)
National / Laurentide 2311-xx 545-OXY
Benjamin Moore Series N096 or 632 Series N096 or 632
Sherwin-Williams A100 (Series A82) (Series A43)


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