Which garage doors complement the Modern Farmhouse style?

Garaga's garage doors from the Townships Collection have designs that give just the right touch to this very fashionable style.

3 Modern Farmhouse style garage doors

Left garage door: Princeton P-12, 9' x 7', Black door and overlays, clear Panoramic window. Center door: Princeton P-23, 9' x 7', Ice White door and overlays, clear Panoramic windows. Right door: Eastman E-21, 9' x 7', Black door and overlays.


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What does a Modern Farmhouse style house look like?

These homes are reminiscent of farmhouse architecture, but with cleaner, more restrained lines. This style, which is gaining in popularity, beautifully blends country charm with contemporary elements.

The colours used for this architecture are usually neutral. Timeless and versatile, the colour palette is inspired by the Scandinavian style. Black, white and gray are the most popular.

White and black house with Modern Farmhouse architecture

Modern Farmhouse style house plan, Planimage #22001

Several materials such as natural products like wood and stone are used. In the case of vinyl, it is often installed vertically and is often white. Inserts of stone or brick slightly darker than the siding may be added. Roofs are dark and often covered with sheet metal.

Typically, houses in this style are two stories high. Wooden insertions such as columns at the entrance, arches, beams and wainscoting complement them beautifully. The windows are dark in colour and the addition of gables can give the house a sense of height.

In keeping with the Modern Farmhouse style, your garage door should be neutral. Black and white colours are ideal.

The Modern Farmhouse type garage door models

The garage doors from the Townships Collection are reminiscent of the swinging doors of yesteryear and are ideal for Modern Farmhouse homes. With decorative PVC overlays on steel sections with R-16 insulation, they are sure to please those who love the Farmhouse style.

The 3 models of premium garage doors that complete this style are the Princeton, Eastman and Cambridge. Depending on the final look you desire, several overlay configurations are available.

For a more contemporary look go with these designs:

For a more carriage house style, opt for the designs:

You can also add windows to your garage door. Garaga offers several types of windows according to your tastes. The window models of the Panoramic family are undoubtedly the best choice to match the Modern Farmhouse style garage doors. Based on the level of privacy you desire in your garage, you can also choose the appropriate glass type.

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