How should I take care of my residential electric door opener?

At the beginning of each season, give your door opener a checkup. First, make sure that your door opens and closes completely. If it is unable to do this satisfactorily, refer to the instructions in the user’s manual or contact your Garaga dealer.

Next, disengage the door opener by pulling on the red cord. Open and close the door manually. The door must be balanced correctly. You should be able to operate it with only one hand. If excessive force is needed, either it is unbalanced or your spring no longer works. In this case, contact your Garaga dealer immediately to correct the situation.

Finally, check your automatic reverse safety system that uses photo sensor eyes located on each side of the door. Your door should automatically reverse direction if an object or a person comes between the sensors.

84505R LiftMaster Garage Door Opener
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