What goes into the cost of a commercial garage door?

Before we get down to talking about the price per square foot for a commercial garage door, it’s important to determine your needs. If the lowest price is first and foremost, you risk paying for numerous service calls by underestimating your real needs.

To assist you, here are the points you need to analyze before going any further with your project.

Clearly identify your needs

For your construction or renovation project to be a success, clearly identify your needs. What you are looking for above all else based on your purchasing criteria:

  • A product that combines strength and durability and that won’t break down every 3 months?
  • Better insulation and weathertightness of your whole garage door system?
  • A product that needs the least possible maintenance, especially one that doesn’t need painting?
  • A very functional and economical door that fits the budget you’ve set?

Whatever your project, before you start shopping, why not talk to a specialist in commercial and industrial garage doors who can present you with the different choices?


Need help?

To help you make an enlightened choice when buying a commercial or industrial garage door, contact us! What’s more, we can provide you with a free quotation.

What should be looked at closely in regards to the garage door system?

Overhead doors 8 ft x 8 ft , For loading docks
Overhead doors 8' x 8', For loading docks

The door itself:

  • Is your building insulated? Almost 95% of commercial garage doors are 1 ¾" thick and insulated with polyurethane foam, ensuring an R‑16 thermal resistance factor.

The windows:

  • Are you looking to maximize natural lighting as much as possible?
  • Or instead, just a small opening (ex.: 21" x 8") because security is important?
Overhead doors 12 ft x 12 ft, Emergency Services
Overhead doors 12' x 12', Emergency Services

The hardware:

  • The more use your door will get, the stronger and more durable your hardware should be.
  • Spring system: most spring systems carried by garage door dealers are rated for 10,000 cycles (1 cycle = 1 opening + 1 closing). If you think you’ll be using your garage door more than 25 times a day, opt for spring rated for more cycles, like between 25,000 and 100,000 cycles.
  • Lift type: it is very important to have the garage door open as close as possible to the ceiling, freeing up space so that you avoid having the track system interfere with your daily operations.
  • Accessories: there is an extensive choice depending on your application. However, one of them can prove to be invaluable. For your loading dock doors (ex.: 8’ x 8’6’’), that are manually operated, an investment that you’ll never regret is to install C-shaped bumpers at the end of vertical tracks. How many times has someone opened the door with a little too much muscle, just to have the rollers come off the track…
Overhead doors 14’ x 16’, Repair service garage
Overhead doors 14’ x 16’, Repair service garage
Overhead doors 16’ x 14’, Service Warehouse
Overhead doors 16’ x 14’, Service Warehouse

Electric garage door openers

  • If there is one item where the price varies from one quote to another, it has to be the door openers.
  • First of all, the voltage: 115, 220, 550 volts? Here is our advice: the more use your door gets, the higher the voltage should be. Between a 115 or 220 V, take the 220 V.
  • Horsepower: ½, ¾, 1 or 1 ½ HP? A door opener only replaces manual effort, meaning ½ HP is sufficient for small doors while ¾ HP is recommended for larger ones (ex.: 14' x 14').
  • Central or side located opener? All high-lift or full vertical-lift types require Jackshaft (on the side) openers. If you select a Jackshaft opener, equip it with a chain hoist.
  • The accessories: once again, the choice is varied, as is the price! Your safety and that of your employees comes first. For the rest, clearly explain your situation to a garage door expert to get the best advice.

And the installation?

Then again, talking about the installation cost per square foot of door surface is difficult. Is it a new building or just a change in door? The door installer will take care of the mechanical side of the door, but everything related to the electrical connections of the door opener are the responsibility of a qualified electrician.

Glass garage doors with full-view 10’ x 12’, Automobile Dealership
Glass garage doors with full-view 10’ x 12’, Automobile Dealership

In conclusion…

Determine your needs as well as possible, then speak with a GARAGA garage door dealer. They will guide you through all the stages of your project:

  • Free consultation at their showroom or your place of business.
  • Free estimate including precise details of what we can provide.
  • On-site measurements so you are presented with a professional and complete quotation.
  • Opt for a door system that meets your real needs. Don’t hesitate to invest a little more for a better overhead door system.

Lastly, be aware that GARAGA dealers provide an Ongoing Maintenance Service program for your garage doors. This way, you can avoid emergency situations or even 911 calls because, in the end, your garage doors are the largest moving components of your building. Contact us today.

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