Garaga announces the winner of the "My dream garage" contest

September 3th 2013

The lucky winner of this random drawing is Ms. Christine McDonald of Woodstock, Ontario. Ms. McDonald is entitled to an all-new Garaga garage door system with a maximum value of $2500, as well as an additional amount of $5000 for improvements to her garage.

The contest, launched in February of 2013, was open to Canadian residents wanting to acquire or change a garage door. To enter the contest, consumers had to select their dream garage door using the Design Centre on Garaga’s website ( and then transpose it on a photo of their house.

The Garaga Design Centre lets homeowners try out doors before buying. In just a few simple steps, they can choose a door from among over 4000 combinations of style, colour and windows. Once their project is finished, visitors have the option of printing the selected model in colour, receiving a copy of the project by email, and asking for a free quotation from a Garaga dealer.

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Winner of My Dream Garaga

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