Garaga Facility in Ponca City, OK, receives the prestigious Industry of the Year award

April 22, 2022

Garaga was extremely pleased and honored to be one of the finalists chosen by the Ponca City Chamber of Commerce for the prestigious Industry of the Year award. Unfortunately, last January the Chamber of Commerce’s celebration had to be postponed due to the COVID surge, keeping everyone on the edge of their seats for an extra 3 months. On Thursday April 21, 2022, the wait came to a fitting conclusion when Garaga was presented with the coveted award!

Our commitment to improving our workers’lives and to modernising our facility was recognized by the community

Here are some of the reasons the Chamber chose to present the award to us:

  • Garaga has increased its workfoce in Ponca City by more than 35%
  • We have significantly upped our wages over the last couple of years.
  • We have invested millions and greatly enhanced and expanded our Ponca City facility. Indeed, we have modernized our production line, adding technological advanced tools to facilitate the jobs of our workers while increasing on-time and on-point deliveries to garage door dealers and building centers.
  • Garaga has also invested a great deal to implement an ERP system to facilitate and improve the areas of Customer Service, Purchasing, Planning and Work Management.

Employees taking a well deserve break in Garaga cafeteria

Garaga production line workers

We are extremely proud of these achievements, of course. And we are grateful to the PCDA, the Chamber and the community for recognizing our success. But what we are even more proud of are our team members! As you can imagine, implementing so many changes in only 2 years was demanding. The women and men working at our Ponca City facility were open minded and willing to change their habits. They proved to us they could meet challenges.”, said Maxime Gendreau, co-president.

Garaga is also very committed to the Barrie community

Since 1995, Garaga had been a corporate citizen of the Barrie community. From the 40,000 sq ft. plant of our early days to the 115,000 sq. ft. plant of today, we have been investing in our Barrie Facility for more than 25 years now.

In fact, our last investment was completed not very long ago, in January 2022, transforming two production lines, so we can now manufacture more of our products in Barrie, Ontario.

But square feet and investments are not of primary importance. People are.

Since 1995, behind the many innovative investments Garaga has made over the years, there are a lot of people committed to our success.

People from different horizons with different dreams, strengths, and talents who all share the same goals: daily and diligently being part of Garaga’s success. People willing to constantly change and improve their ways of doing things.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all.

We are grateful to count each and everyone of you as part of the Garaga team!

Garaga is a Canadian family-owned company. You can count on us being part of Barrie’s community for decades to come. As we have counted on you over the last 27 years!

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