Garaga launches the colour NORDIC white

November 14th 2001

Garaga adds a sixteenth colour to its colour chart: NORDIC white.

It is in response to the increasingly pressing requests from door and windows retailers of Eastern Canada, that Garaga launches this new colour. The retailers wish to match the colour of the garage door with the colour of the front door.

NORDIC white combines harmoniously with 141 white, the colour that manufacturers like PREMDOR (PVC windows) and CELCO (front doors) use. This white is the wildcard colour for Canadian customers. On the other hand, it is necessary to offer them various shades, where the importance for Garaga to adjust to the market.

The NORDIC white is the sixteenth colour offered by Garaga. Garaga is the only manufacturer in Canada to offer such a vast choice to consumers. Note that the colours offered by Garaga are baked-on paint and not applied with a spray gun. Thus, these colours offer a better long-term resistance and stay bright longer.

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