Garaga releases an inspirational brochure for consumers

March 31th 2009

Garaga is proud to present an all-new "Inspirational" brochure to help consumers through the process of changing their garage doors.

This 16-page brochure is aimed at homeowners who are undecided about changing their garage door. The brochure accompanies them throughout this process and assists them in making the best choice of door depending on the architecture and style of their home.

As we are reminded by Nancy Labbé, Communications Coordinator at Garaga, a garage door is often to 30 to 40% of a home's facade. In addition, 70% of garages face the street. That's why it is important to make the right choice when it comes time to buy a garage door. After all, Canadian homeowners buy one door or, at most, two garage doors during their lives, notes Ms. Labbé.

To help homeowners, Garaga's brochure presents several choices of architecture. Depending on the style of the home, whether it is contemporary, classic, country-style or urban, Garaga provides a choice of garage doors to suit each of them, and in a wide array of colours. Complementing the garage door are accessories like windows or decorative hardware. In fact, the overall architecture of the home must considered when matching it with a garage door's style and colour.

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