Garaga adds a 5th colour - "Dark Sand"

March 31th 2005

Last summer, Garaga conducted a consumer survey to find out which colours are most popular these days. The results leaned towards earth tones and certain pastels.

Following the conclusions of this survey, Garaga is proud to introduce "Dark Sand" which has an earth-tone appeal. The colour is a cross between Khaki and Taupe Brown. It complements Garaga's other earth tones, Claystone and Sierra Bronze. What's great about this new colour is that it blends perfectly with the colour "Sable" offered by Gentek, a large Canadian supplier of aluminum sheet rolls for window & door manufacturers.

5th colour - Dark Sand

The addition of Dark Sand brings Garaga up to 17 available colours breaking down as follows: 11 colours for aluminum doors (H-Tech), 5 colours for steel doors (Standard+ and North Hatley) and 1 colour for its high-end model called the Top Tech. This broad selection of colours is also available for commercial and industrial doors.

If you require a colour chip or need more information, please contact the Garaga distributor nearest to you.

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