Useful tools to the largest door on your home

Today's homeowners want to ally security and functionality when using their garage door. We are looking for peace of mind when we are at home and this is why we do not make any compromises when it comes to our homes. Since small details contribute to our well-being, Garaga presents some accessories that will facilitate the access to your home while guaranteeing your security.

Park your car safely

Today's garages are getting larger and many have more than one door. Did you know that it is now possible to simultaneously or separately open your garage doors? With this accessory, you have the control for each of your doors on your garage door opener remote control.

Are you tired of scratching up your vehicle and banging your garage door frame, walls, and posts? Then, it is time to do something about it. The tennis ball hanging on a string can now be replaced with a new high-tech laser solution. The operation of a parking laser is quite simple. As you pull in, you will see the laser beam dot slowly move onto the hood of your car towards your windshield. When the laser dot hits the exact point on your vehicle that you have predetermined, then it is time to stop. For those who have two-car garages, some models have two lasers.

Operator with back-up battery system

Now when the power goes out, your garage door opener can still work. There is a model of operator with a battery back-up system available on the market. This battery allows 20 open and close movements of your garage doors. Always charged and ready, it provides the highest level of safety and convenience imaginable. You can feel secure because in case of emergency, you would be able to enter or exit your garage without any problems. Moreover, it is possibly the quietest system ever designed. The powerful motor has a belt drive system that provides quiet operation, along with smooth start and smooth stop to reduce the noise of the garage door as it opens and closes. It is perfect for homes that have a bedroom that is located just above the garage.

Is your door still open?

Are you afraid of your garage door being left open? Because your garage is the easiest access to your home, there is now a product on the market to make you feel more secure. «In fact, it is a very sensitive monitor that tells you if your garage door is open or closed from any room in your home. It gives you great convenience and peace of mind. When the light flashes red, it is because your door is open.» says Vicky Leclerc, communication coordinator at Garaga.

Motion-detecting control

Have you ever entered a dark garage at night? For your security, a motion-detecting control panel that turns your garage door opener lights on automatically when you enter a dark garage is now available. It is equipped with an energy-saving light sensitivity adjustment to ensure lights only go on when it is dark.

Turn lights on

Who likes to walk into a dark house? Now, you can light up your home from your car with your remote control. You can find on the market a remote light control that turns lights on or off inside your home. « You can get a compact receiver that you will install on your main house lights. This receiver catches the signals from your garage opener remote control and turns the light on inside your house » explains Vicky. It is easy to install and to program.

A variety of useful accessories are available to provide you peace of mind and security. Do not hesitate to communicate with a professional door installer like a Garaga Expert. They are trained to ensure comfort and peace of mind and would be pleased to guide in choosing the appropriate accessories that will meet your needs. Do not forget that when you tighten your garage security, you are protecting not only your garage, but your home, your family, and all of your belongings as well.

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