Simplify your next garage door purchase, consult with a specialist

Shopping around for a new garage door used to be a very simple decision as designs and styles were limited. Today, garage doors have evolved, and even though reasonably priced, it is still an important investment. Because your door may be around for at least twenty years, it would be wise to count on advice from an expert garage door consultant.

Jean-François Morin, Garaga Marketing Director, an important Canadian garage door manufacturer, had this to say : "A professional dealer brings product knowledge and installation expertise to your home. When combined, they will be able to assist you in choosing the style that best compliments your driveway, and which finish will suit your home." Consulting with a specialist means a positive shopping experience and excellent after sales service.

The longevity of a door depends not only on door quality and components but on top notch installation.

Professionalism starts from the moment an install team drives up to your home to take door measurements. They will be particularly helpful in garages with limited headroom situations and guide you accordingly. Style, energy efficiency and product offering is at their fingertips. In many cases they bring their showroom to you with color chip samples and glazing options.

Since a garage door is probably the largest moving part of your home and requires many small hardware parts when installed, it seems logical that this technical procedure be stress free. In a few hours, a professional door installer will remove, install and seal your new garage door into place. A transformation that brings safety and security to your home.


According to Mr. Morin here are 3 key elements to consider when buying a garage door:

1. Experience: is the company reputable? How long have they been installing garage doors? If the company is a recent one, you may want to double check the experience background and request referrals. You can also ask to see a projects photo album and testimonial letters.

2. Warranty/After sales service: An excellent installer will offer this without you asking for it. A good warranty on service is 2 years.

3. Member of a professionnal association: Check if the company is a member of an association. Most associations require strict codes and criteria and offer workshops to their members, keeping them up to par with industry trends.

Don't hesitate to contact two separate door companies. This will help to narrow down your choices and create your own buying checklist.

In 1996, Garaga launched a network of expert garage door dealers that must comply and respect a strict work code in sales, installation and door repair. To find out more about this group of professionals, go to

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