Doors going from purely practical to aesthetically functional

Garaga is proud to announce the launch of the «North Hatley», its new steel carriage-house style door, a first for the Canadian market. The aesthetics of the «North Hatley» door will enhance the beauty and value of the home. It has the style of yesteryear with its decorative hinges and handles just like the old-style swinging doors.

The «North Hatley» compliments your home a truly unique look. A wide variety of window designs can be added to allow light to enter the garage. This door can be personalized by adding Glue Chip Glass windows like our Orion model or enhanced with exterior plastic inserts.

The trend has reached us after a five year popularity gain in the US which greatly appeals to home owners. Mr. Michel Gendreau, president at Garaga, can vouch to its uniqueness: "The North Hatley has been created with the strength and durability of steel to replace traditional wood thereby lowering the cost and requiring far less maintenance."

Garaga doors have always been at the forefront and recognized in the industry for their exceptional quality and reliable operation. This new addition takes one step beyond simple practicality and adds richness and beauty.

Gone are the days where a garage door had only an open & close function. Today this product plays an important role in the Design Build sector. "The consumer has a growing need to stand out, they want their home to be unique, not just like the neighbor next door. We're keeping the style of the carriage house door without the expensive cost and care needed for traditional wood doors." says Mr. Michel Gendreau. The «North Hatley» will appeal to baby boomers as it recalls the nostalgia of the 50's. The door comes with traditional black stamped steel hinges and handles. It is available in 1¾ inch thick with an R-16 thermal insulation factor and there are five attractive colors to choose from: Ice white, Claystone, Desert Sand, Brown and Dark Sand.

With its ISO 9001-2000 certification, Garaga has set the highest quality standards. Their manufacturing processes are second to none in the industry. For example, the injected polyurethane foam used between the steel layers of each door makes them lightweight while providing maximum insulation and sturdiness. Combine a Garaga Door with a professional installation and you get the last garage door that your home will ever need.

Garaga Inc. is a Canadian family-owned company. Founded in 1983, Garaga is one of the largest manufacturers of sectional garage doors in Canada. With a workforce of over 135 people, they operate two manufacturing plants; Barrie (ON) and Saint-Georges (QC) which is also the corporate headquarters.

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