The garage door opener... it's indispensable!

How nice, when you arrive home, to have your garage door open at the simple touch of a button while you remain warm and dry in your vehicle. The electric garage door opener earns high reviews from everybody who buys one.

According to a survey made by Garaga Inc. with 670 people last summer in Ontario and Quebec, 63% of the people in Ontario have a garage door and 43% in Quebec. Of that number 64% have a garage door opener in Ontario and 58% in Quebec. The garage door opener is an accessory that is very much appreciated.

No longer considered a convenience item for the privileged few, today's garage door openers are affordable, safe and easy to install. All you have to do is to choose the model that will fit your garage door and enjoy it.

How to choose your garage door opener?

3 different types of garage door openers are available. Each has its own benefits.

The first type features a chain drive mechanism: it is by far the most popular, 70% of the garage door openers sold feature a chain drive system. This model uses a chain to lift the door. It is reliable, efficient and affordable. However, this system is noisier than a belt drive system. We recommend that you use it in detached garages.

You'll also find the belt drive mechanism: it is the quietest and smoothest system on the market. This model uses a sturdy rubber belt to lift the door. This is the best operator on the market, powerful and reliable. This system is ideal when the garage is attached to the house or under a room.

Finally, there is also a screw dive mechanism. This slow-moving design relies on a long threaded rod to open the door. It is perfect for one-piece doors.

Is it for a new door or an existing one?

If you decide to add an electric garage door opener to an existing door, it is important to check the mechanism of your door. If your garage door is not well adjusted, it can make the operator motor work too hard. It is important that your door is in good working order before installing a door opener. It may be a good idea to have it tuned-up by a professional before installing your new door opener.

If you have a new door, you won't have any problems because it will work perfectly with any garage door opener.

Let's talk safety

Your garage door is the largest moving part of your home and it is important to make it safe. That's why a number of accessories have been developed.

Manual release handles in case of a power failure, photo-eyes, motion-detecting control panels, locking system, security codes, etc. Furthermore, for the past few years, all the door openers now come equipped with a safety reversing sensor. The door must reverse on contact if an object or a person is under it. Also, check if your photo-eye sensors are correctly plugged in and aligned. The door should reverse if any object or person passes through the beam. Do not permit children to play with the opener.


Weather conditions may cause some minor changes in the operation of the door requiring some re-adjustment. So it is important to do a check-up regularly. Work the door manually. It must be well balanced. If the door is not well balanced, contact a qualified garage door installer. Check if your door opens and closes completely


The operator manufacturers also offer a wide choice of accessories such as: remote controls, motion-detecting control panels, wireless keyless entry systems and multi-function control panels to answer to everyone's specific needs.

In summary, with the quality and variety of products offered today, it is difficult to imagine that somebody wouldn't want a garage door opener! For the Holiday Season, it can be a perfect gift for mom or dad... Good shopping!

For more information on garage door openers, visit the Garaga web site or contact a garage door specialist in your area.

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