Garaga launches its new vintage country-style door: the Eastman

Garaga is proud to announce the launch of the Eastman, the first carriage house style steel door with overlays for the Canadian garage door industry. The Eastman completes the Townships Collection along with the North Hatley. The aesthetics of this new garage door recreates the country charm appeal.

The new Eastman has authentic heritage style with a distinctive modern approach. The legacy of country estate is expressed in the traditional full or half cross-buck patterns; light wood grain finish and forged iron look of the deco hardware. Moreover, the new garage door will appeal to baby boomers as it recalls the nostalgia of the 50's.

Garaga launches its new vintage country-style door: The Eastman

According to Vicky Leclerc, Communication-Marketing Coordinator at Garaga, the unique style of this door has been a growing trend in the United States since 2002. The North American Door manufacturers had to respond quickly to homeowner's requesting stylish garage doors to complement the home's architectural style. The new Eastman is perfect for homeowners seeking sophisticated carriage house doors with durable steel and composite construction.

Garaga's Eastman is made of galvanized steel and has finely pressed grain patterns that duplicate the look of wood without the maintenance issues. The high-tech polyurethane insulation system is exceptional and energy efficient. In addition to protecting against heat loss, the insulation materials muffle noise.

Aesthetic comes first

A garage door has long been considered solely functional, but now the largest moving part of your home is undergoing architectural style. Nowadays, homeowners are looking for fresh products because they want to give to their house an absolutely unique character. Furthermore, Vicky Leclerc had this to say: "The Eastman will add the curb appeal homeowners are looking for, the black stamped hinges, handles and door knockers give it that vintage flair and the illusion of swing doors." "With our choice of earth tone colors and huge selection of decorative window designs, it is sure to set you apart from the neighbors." Vicky says.

The Eastman comes with a wide array of trendy colors to choose from: Ice White, Claystone, Desert Sand, Metro Brown and Dark Sand. The product is available in 1 ¾ inch thick with an R-16 thermal insulation factor due to the injected polyurethane foam used between the steel layers of each door. This foam creates a lightweight composite material that provides remarkable insulation, rigidity and durability.

The final touch: white overlays, also of wood grain finish, are added to the Eastman to give depth and harmony. Garaga uses "LaserCraft" technology to ensure an extremely tight fit between the panel alignment. The "Permafix" adhesive process permanently secures the overlays on the steel sections.

Finally, Garaga's new vintage door is available in custom and standard sizes and is produced within a 3 week delivery timeframe.

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