Is your garage door ready to face winter?

October 10th 2017

Winter is knocking at the door… no pun intended. Is your garage door ready for whatever that coldest and harshest season throws at it? Here are some suggestions from garage door manufacturer GARAGA to help you ensure that your door won’t be a major source of heat loss.

An unavoidable fact: the garage door is a major contributor to heat loss

Often overlooked, the garage door, either single or double, and even insulated, can be a large source of heat loss, especially if you heat your garage. If your garage is unheated, each time you open the access door to the house, there is a transfer of the cold garage air into your home, making the room closest to the door quite uncomfortable.

Is your garage door ready to face winter?

Check your weatherstripping

First and foremost, check the exterior frame weatherstripping. Is it broken, torn or simply too stiff to play its real role, that of preventing cold from entering the garage? The same thing goes for the weatherstripping at the bottom of the door, often U-shaped. Has it worn down? Is it broken or torn? Are you even able to pass your hand under the weatherstripping?

If you are in need of changing the weatherstripping, don’t buy the least expensive one on the market. Ask the advice of a garage door professional in your area. For the exterior perimeter weatherstripping, ensure that the seal has a double lip, and especially that it will remain flexible even down to -25° C (-13° F).

Inspect your door yourself

It’s easy and will only take a few minutes. If you have an electric garage door opener, pull on the emergency release cord to disengage the door opener. Lift your door manually. Are you able to do this with only one hand? If not, you’ve located a serious problem. It means that something is preventing your door from working properly which can be a possible source of heat loss.

Consider a proper tune-up program

If you are short on time or feeling less than comfortable about tackling the job, Garaga dealers offer an annual tune-up program for your garage door which includes a verification of your whole door system, any needed adjustments and lubrication of all major parts.

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