Window layouts for a contemporary look

October 9th 2013

For a contemporary and modern style garage door, Garaga now offers several combinations of existing window models on its website to help you get just that. With all the possible window layouts available, you will now be able to easily please consumers, architects and designers who want this different look.

To inspire these people, you can now find online, in the residential door section of Garaga’s website (and yours also, if you have a website created by Garaga), various photos showing many available configurations. So that it’s easy for buyers to make a choice and also less work for you, we have placed links to technical specifications for each window layout shown in the photos. The complete document of all layouts is also available on the residential window page and on Garaga’s download center for architects and designers

Window layouts for a contemporary look

We also encourage you to download this document without delay and share it with your sales personnel. It’s very important that you know what a Left-side Harmony or Offset layout looks like if a customer asks you for information.

If you want fast access via your iPad, photos of these window layouts can be found in the Gallery of the Garaga app, Windows sections, as well as in the technical specifications document of all the possible layouts in the Brochure section.

We truly encourage you to offer these window layouts when the home style is appropriate because now you have interesting alternatives available to present, other than the Flush or Grooved doors often suggested for this style of home.

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