Garaga launches its “Win a Smart Garage” contest

February 22th 2017

This week, Garaga is launching a contest that is aimed at homeowners who would like to have a smart garage door system. This means your garage door can be a component of a smart home.

For consumers who would like to purchase an “intelligent” garage door or change their current door for a more intelligent one, this is the perfect contest. No purchase is necessary to enter. The contest runs from February 22 to June 28, 2017. The drawing for the grand prize will take place July 5.

The garage door system is a prize valued at $2,500, and includes:

  • the purchase of an all-new Garaga garage door system
  • a smart and quiet garage door opener
    • a belt-drive model,
    • equipped with a battery back-up
    • a 3-button remote control as well as a mini remote control
    • a control unit to program all the accessories
    • a remote light control to operate any lamps inside your home
    • a remote light switch to control home lighting
    • a garage door monitor to ensure the door is correctly closed
    • a laser pointer to aide in properly and safely parking in the garage
  • a Google Nest indoor security camera
  • All of this can be operated from a smart phone using LiftMaster’s MyQ app.

The retail value of the entire garage door system has a maximum value of $2,500. In addition, if the winner purchased a GARAGA garage door during the contest period, Garaga will double the amount. He or she will then receive an amount of $5,000 to reimburse their purchase.

It is very easy for people to enter: just go to Garaga’s website at and, through the Design Centre, select their dream garage. Additionally, they are able to upload a picture of their home and superimpose the garage door that best suits the style and design of their house. At the end of the process, they can choose to print the model they’ve chosen and request a quotation from a Garaga dealer.

Garaga has a wide choice of residential garage doors to meet the needs of today’s homeowners. Over the last 10 months, Garaga has introduced four new door designs, the VOG, PRESTIGE, SHAKER CC and SHAKER XS models.

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Garaga launches its “Win a Smart Garage” contest