The world is mobile. Garaga Style & Design web pages are too!

October 30th 2019

Contemporary Style page

Garaga has redesigned its most important webpages so you could really enjoy your browsing experience on your mobile devices and you will be thrilled with the results.

Learning from the best practices of websites and apps like Houzz and Pinterest, Garaga’s Styles and Designs webpages have been improved to enhance your experience when you are looking for inspiration.

This way, you will discover more easily your dream doors, based on your preferences and style.

Here are the main improvements you will notice and appreciate:

  • Filters: By Color, Dimensions or Design, you can choose how you want to discover you favorite garage door.

    By default, the filter applied categories them by Traditional, Carriage House or Contemporary Style, since it is still the most popular among people who are shopping for a garage door.

    There are also way more photos so you may find inspiration at first glance and accordingly to your own sense of style.

  • Drop-down menus: Easy-to-understand categories so you will be able to:
    • Find out what you are looking for in the blink of an eye
    • Quickly access content that is interesting to you
  • Clickable Color Chip Images: You can enlarge images in one click and have a better look at colors and textures.
  • Here are 2 different webpages for you to experiment our improvements

Let us know what you think of them!

What would be the next must-haves or nice-to-haves for an even better experience. Your feedback is precious. Thank you!