Garaga launches new residential product brochures

February 1st 2012

Garaga has redesigned and reworked its residential brochures along with improving the quality of its photos.

These brochures can be downloaded from Garaga’s web site or alternately accessed from an iPad application. In using them with an iPad, the user can enlarge pictures and see high definition to accentuate the raised panels and contrasts in the designs.


Also emphasized in these brochures is what sets Garaga doors apart: energy efficiency, strength and durability, and refined design.

A new, accordion style, pocket-sized brochure, showing the whole family of Garaga doors, gives the chance, in one glance, to admire its vast collection of products. In addition, to conclude the sale, the Garaga product brochures are designed to act as an envelope to present dealers’ quotations.

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