New Garaga residential door brochures

February 3rd 2016

As Garaga has just redone the naming system for its residential garage doors, we have, as well, reworked some of our product brochures to reflect these changes.

New brochures: 

In regards to the full Collection of residential doors:

  • The collection is presented based on the most popular architectural styles for houses: traditional, contemporary and carriage house. 
  • Also, presented here is the Townships Collection, along with the H-Tech, Top Tech and California doors.
  • Covered here, as well, are window models, door openers, and other points usually found in this pamphlet.
Complete collection

Garaga has used a simple approach to guide consumers in choosing the product that is most suitable to their needs: 

  • Based on the architectural style of their home (the most popular):
    • Traditional
    • Contemporary
    • Carriage house
  • Based on the construction of the door and its thickness:
    • with polyurethane
    • with polystyrene
    • non-insulate
  • and consequently, the thermal resistance factor:
    • R-16 → 1 ¾"-thick door
    • R-12 → 1 3⁄8"-thick door
    • R-10 → 2"-thick door (3 layers)
    • R-6.6 → 2"-thick door (2 layers)
    • non-insulated → 2"-thick door (1 layer)

Lastly, note the timing in the following weeks:

  • photos of fronts of garages focusing on the door,
  • in high definition with close-ups of the door designs,
  • lots of photos: with the Standard+, you’ll find 15 pictures of different homes with garages.

To learn more about the full range of Garaga products, visit Garaga’s website at