May 1st 2012

Once again, Garaga has improved its Design Centre. This is its fourth version since the first one debuted in 2002.

The New Garaga Design Centre, geared for end-users, is:

  • more user-friendly, with fewer steps to follow,
  • simple and straightforward,
  • powerful, letting users, in no time at all, view their house with their all-new Garaga garage door.

Consumers always have three choices:

  • for a renovation project, upload a picture of their house and transpose their brand new Garaga door right onto it;
  • choose from among 23 popular house designs the one that closest corresponds to their actual home or to their dream house under construction;
  • or finally, just choose the door facade to get a clear view of their project.
new design center

An important addition for garage door dealers: a feature that allows consumers to receive an emailed copy of the final result while, at the same time, providing the dealer with email addresses to build up a database of prospects for follow-up quotes.

Also interesting for dealers, the Garaga quotation program on Garaga’s extranet system GaragaNET offers an intelligent interface with the Design Centre. They have access to the same user-made design but in more detail, with their individual discounts automatically applied and only their markup to add. Thus, they can create a professional quotation for their customer with a complete product description and the selling price, along with a full-color image of the chosen product attached. This can be further enhanced with the option of a “Before / After” photo of their project, only by uploading a picture of the customer’s house.

Finally, the new Garaga Design Centre can also be accessed via an iPad application.

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