Garaga introduces a new color: Black

March 1st 2012

Garaga is proud to announce the addition of the Black to its palette of colors.

This color is in high demand to satisfy homeowners who have chosen earth colors (clay, charcoal gray) or who have a New England style home (ex. red brick).

This new color will be available for all 1 ¾" steel residential doors: the Standard+ (model patterns: Classic, XL, MIX and grooved), North Hatley, Eastman and Cambridge models. It’s a 26 gauge galvanized steel door, woodgrain finish and with a baked-on polyester paint. The guarantee is the same as that provided for the other base colors in steel.

new color: black

Windows and frame weatherstripping also come in black to complete the look. For the ORION window model, the grids will also be in black.

Garaga offers a vast choice of residential garage doors. Consumers can view their next garage door purchase by using Garaga’s Design Centre For renovation projects, visitors can upload a photo of their house and experiment with a multitude of looks until they find the door that suits them best.

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