Garaga IndustrialTM, the new program of Garaga

April 16th 2003

Garaga Inc. has just launched a new program named Garaga IndustrialTM. This new program consists of various tools that will allow the user to select the most appropriate door system for their application when they purchase commercial, industrial, or agricultural overhead door systems. Garaga wants to offer a quality product and solutions to decision makers (architects, contractors, building managers) who must buy a sectional overhead door system for their building.

According to Mr. Michel Gendreau, president of Garaga Inc., "Garaga launches this new Garaga IndustrialTM program to counter the lack of knowledge in garage door systems by buyers and users, and to present Garaga as the leader in the markets of commercial, industrial and agricultural overhead doors."

What are these tools?

Simple and concise documentation that:

  • Presents the selection process of an overhead door (in 4 easy steps)
  • Recommends the door model to select by type of application
  • Details various hardware, window and door opener systems
  • Using the performance/price ratio, presents the difference between various systems based on usage.
  • Suggests a preventive maintenance program according to the type of building
  • Garaga also counts on a competent installer network (that meets very strict qualification criteria) trained to help the buyer and provide good advice.
  • The Garaga web site (commercial & industrial section) will also offer a complete source of information to the user


A system that lasts longer, it pays!

A broken part or the faulty operation of an overhead door can cost much time and money for the owners and/or operators of a building. It is thus of primary importance that the buyer be well informed on the products and options available in order to make an educated decision.

Each overhead door system is unique according to the needs, use and performance required. That's why we count on the new Garaga IndustrialTM program to make buyers aware that it pays to have a system that lasts longer.

This new program will be effective in May 2003. For more information, contact our customer service 1 800 GO GARAGA.

Garaga is the leading manufacturer of insulated garage doors in Canada (residential, commercial and industrial). It operates two factories; one is located in St-Georges, (QC) and the other one in Barrie (ON).

With Garaga doors, stronger for longer, you can be sure you're making a choice you'll never regret!

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