Garaga launches the G‑8000 and the G‑8500

December 1st 2005

Durability at its best for the industrial sector!

Garaga announces the introduction of two new garage doors, the G‑8000 and the G‑8500. These products will appeal to architects or building contractors looking for exceptional durability. Each Garaga garage door is made of hot-dipped galvanized steel painted with a primer and a baked-on polyester finish coat to ensure a brilliant rust-free finish. These new products are fabricated in Barrie, Ontario.

Garaga launches the G‑8000 and the G‑8500

The addition of the G‑8000 and G‑8500 complements the industrial product line from Garaga. Craig Demaray, Garaga's Territory Manager for Ontario, says: "We can now say that we are a one-stop supplier in the industry as our industrial product line now extends from high-end doors to economical products". These two new doors are the ideal solution when less insulation is needed; for instance, in non-insulated farm buildings and warehouses.

Mr. Demaray stated that when contractors choose this door series, they will experience all the advantages of a steel door with high quality commercial and industrial hardware. Furthermore, Mr. Demaray had this to say: "The hardware we provide for these two new doors meet Garaga's high standards of quality. These doors are built to last for years to come."

The new G‑8000 and G‑8500 doors are available in Ice White with a deep-grooved panel design. Both door models are 2 inches thick and come with a finely embossed woodgrain design on the outside. The G‑8000 is a non-insulated product, while its sister, G‑8500, has CFC-free polystyrene insulation giving it an R-value of 6.6. Door widths are available in 1-inch increments and 3-inch height increments.

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