Garaga launches the 4th version of its website

November 5th 2001

Garaga Inc, an important manufacturer of garage doors, has rebuilt its web ite. New items that will attract visitors are:

1) "Create your garage door": Garaga created a design centre for its garage doors, which will help the consumer to visualise his door according to the models, designs and all of the Garaga colors. Then the visitor will be able to print a request and to go to a Garaga dealer to obtain an estimate for his project.

2) "Photo album": Soon, Garaga will add to its website a photo album of residential houses which will be giving examples to customers to help them make the best choice for their home. Also, industrial and commercial building pictures will also be part of this section. Customers are invited to send Garaga pictures of their homes with their new Garaga doors to complete the album.

3) "Making a door selection": Once again, Garaga wants to help the customer to make the best decision with a summary table made up of the characteristics and features of our products which will guide people to best fulfill their needs. For example: Which model should I choose when I have a bedroom above the garage?

4) "Garaga guy": Garaga created a virtual character who will be able to accompany the visitor through the site. He will be used as an 'adviser' to the visitors in several residential sections of the website.

As Jean-François Morin, Garaga's Sales and Marketing Manager said, "Knowing that a consumer usually buys one or two garage doors in his lifetime, it is important to advise him well and to correctly identify his needs. The consumers" said Mr Morin, "are not experts in garage doors. They want to be advised adequately. The garage door is the most important element of the frontage of the house. It is necessary that the customers are satisfied with their purchase and they especially want their garage door to last a long time."

The Garaga website also contains other information to help the consumer in the selection of his garage door:

  • Does it fit my budget? How much will the purchase and installation of my door be?
  • Who is the nearest Garaga dealer to me?
  • Which regular maintenance do I have to perform on my garage door?
  • Do you offer a maintenance program for my garage door?
  • Can I have detailed specifications of your products? Do you have shop drawings in AUTOCAD format available?

In this category, the new Garaga website is the most complete when compared with other garage door manufacturer's sites.

Finally, a lot of information is available about the history of the company, the complete range of Garaga products and also about accessories (ex: door operator).

The Garaga website address is easy to remember:

Note that the Garaga head office is located in Saint-Georges-de-Beauce, Quebec and a second manufacturing plant is located in Barrie, Ontario. Also, there is a major distribution centre in Montreal, Quebec. Garaga has more than 190 employees and it is the largest garage doors manufacturer in Canada.

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