How to transform your home garage into a professional hair salon

Have you ever wanted to have your own hair salon with your own clientele, own schedule, and with you being the boss? This blog is dedicated to you!

Home garage turned into a lovely professional hair salon with a waiting area, 2 hair styling stations, and hair products storage space.

You'd never guess that this lovely home-based hair salon was hidden behind a garage door! There’s enough room for a waiting area, 2 hair styling stations, and hair product storage space.

Think of all the advantages of having a hair salon in your garage

  • Better work-life balance

    Wouldn't it be nice to use your breaks between clients to start cooking dinner, keep an eye on the kids when they come back from school, or do a load of laundry? This can all be possible if you’re working at home in the comfort of your garage.

  • Privacy

    Clients will not enter the private areas of your home the same way they would if your hair salon was in the basement because your garage is a separate space within your residence with its own business entrance.

A garage door wide-opened to welcome your clients to your garage-turned-hair salon.

Imagine how much more you and your clients will enjoy spring and summer days if you have your garage converted into a hair salon! After all, your garage door serves as the fourth wall... You can even open it!

  • Save money on renting a commercial space

    If you have the proper space in your garage, why not convert it into your dream hair salon that meets your requirements and vision?

  • Be your own boss and have more flexibility being self-employed at home

    Clients appreciate hair stylists' flexibility and availability. Having your own appointment schedule allows you to provide a better customer experience while also keeping slots available for you and your regular customers.

    You'll also have more freedom than ever to set your own prices, design your own home hair salon, and build brand image.

1. Make your clients feel more comfortable in your hair salon with an insulated garage door

What are the benefits of having an insulated garage door?

Consider your garage door to be the 4th wall of your garage. It makes no sense to have all your other 3 walls properly insulated but not your garage door.

  • A properly insulated garage door will regulate the temperature inside your garage, allowing you to use it all year. Because you'll be working in your garage practically every day, having a well-insulated garage door is essential.
  • It keeps you and your customers cool in the summer and warm in the winter. You don't want cold air to ruin your clients' experiences when they visit your hair salon for an appointment that can sometimes last several hours! (We love you long-haired girls with highlights!)
  • A watertight and airtight garage door improves your home’s energy efficiency while also significantly lowering your energy bills in the long run.

See how a weatherstripping system can keep the wind out of your garage in this video.

What is an R-value? Which type of garage door insulation do I need?

The R-value (thermal resistance) you'll need will vary depending on whether your garage is attached to your house or detached. The higher the value, the better the thermal insulation of your garage door.

Garage doors can be insulated with injected polyurethane foam or polystyrene (Styrofoam) sheets. With a thermal resistance of R-16, polyurethane is the most effective insulating material.

For someone who will be in the garage all day, your comfort is important!

Have your garage door installed by a qualified technician to make sure it is well-balanced and adjusted.

A properly installed garage door can mean the difference between a garage door that is durable and well-insulated and one that is not.

If you experience any of the following garage door issues, contact a garage door specialist!

Perform garage door weatherstripping maintenance at least once a year to prevent costly repairs.

Your hair salon must run smoothly at all times! You don't want to wake up to a freezing garage because your weatherstripping cracked and is no longer airtight, making it impossible to do your work.

That is why having garage door maintenance performed by a garage door technician is a great way to keep track of the condition of your garage door.

Between maintenance checks, you can inspect your garage door for signs that the weatherstripping needs to be replaced.

2. Get a stain-resistant and easy-to-clean garage flooring to keep your hair salon looking clean

Professional hair salon in a garage with great flooring, crisp white walls, and black touches.

Whether you're a hairdresser, hair stylist, hair colorist, or barber, chances are you'll spend a lot of time cleaning your floor after each client. Look at how neatly this hair salon is kept!

You should consider which garage flooring would be best for you in order to make cleanups quick and easy.

  • Spills of hair dye
  • Cut hair
  • Shampoo drops
  • Sticky spots caused by hairspray

These are all common things that can be found on your floor while working.

What is the best type of garage flooring for a hair salon?

According to Minerva Beauty, a company that sells high-quality salon and spa equipment, here are some good hair salon flooring options.

  • Epoxy

Concrete floors with an epoxy coating are typically used in industrial or residential basements. They are an excellent choice to keep your space looking professional.

Epoxy hardens through a chemical reaction, resulting in one of the most durable garage floors available. It is highly resistant to many substances and bacteria, making it extremely sanitary.

Because epoxy is water-resistant and durable, it is an excellent choice for a home hair salon.

A coat of epoxy over a concrete floor adds a shiny, easy-to-clean finish. Image from Minerva Beauty's blog.

  • Tiles (rubber, wood composite, semi-rigid plastic, ceramic)

There are various types of tiles on the market, including those made of rubber, wood composite, and semi-rigid plastic. They are easy to walk on and comfortable, which is great if you work on your feet a lot.

Ceramic tiles are also popular because they are water-resistant and easy to clean by mopping the floor.

Beige ceramic tiles are ideal for a chic and stylish home hair salon in the garage.

Beautiful beige ceramic tiles complement the chic design of this hair salon. Image from Minerva Beauty's blog.

3. Make your hair salon look brighter and more spacious with beautiful garage door windows

When working in a hair salon, lighting is essential!

Imagine using the incorrect color tone or cutting a client’s hair unevenly because you couldn’t see clearly. You definitely want to avoid this by having proper lighting.

Hair colorist choosing the best color tone for her client with natural lighting.

Natural lighting allows you to see the different color tones more clearly and choose the best one for you from the color chart. Image from Freepik.

What is the best lighting for a hair salon or barbershop? Natural light, because it is what accurately renders color.

A bright environment allows you to see what you're doing and ensure that the outcome your clients get on the chair is what they expected.

Find 5 lighting strategy tips from Beauty Launchpad, a media website dedicated to salons and hair stylists.

Function, control, placement, design, and vibe are the most important factors to consider when creating the best hair salon lighting.

Increase natural light in your home-based hair salon!

The garage was converted into a professional hair salon, complete with windows to maximize natural light.

This newly transformed garage lets so much in natural light while also allowing hair stylists to see who’s coming.

Choosing a garage door can be challenging at first, especially if you have never bought one before.

3 house icons of Traditional, Contemporary and Carriage House Style

3 garage door styles: Traditional, Contemporary, and Carriage House. Which one is your favourite?

It's worth consulting with a garage door expert before making such a big investment, especially since good quality garage doors have a lifespan of more than 25 years.

We invite you to read this interesting FAQ to help you choose the right garage door for your project.

Do you already have a garage door? Lucky you! It will be less expensive because you will only need to replace one garage door panel rather than the entire garage door!

You read that correctly! If you initially installed a garage door without windows and have since changed your mind, it's not too late! Rather than replacing the entire garage door, windows can be added.

Read this to learn more about:

We highly advise you to have a professional install your new garage door windows to ensure that your garage door is properly balanced.

Garaga Eastman E-12 garage door design, 9' x 7', Ice White door and overlays, 8 lite Panoramic windows

Panoramic windows that complement the house perfectly and let in natural light from the top section.

4. Wall-mounted garage door openers are the best for maximizing overhead space thus allowing room to install beautiful ceiling lights

Here's everything you need to know about side-mount garage door openers, as well as the 3 main advantages of having one.

A picture of the LiftMaster 8500W wall-mounted door opener.

Panoramic windows that complement the house perfectly and let in natural light from the top section.

Because it is installed on the side wall of your garage door, a wall-mount garage door opener, also known as a jackshaft, takes up no overhead garage space.

Jackshaft-type openers offer a better aesthetic of your hair salon because, compared to trolley-type openers, they do not have a central rail mounted to the ceiling. They also make more room for efficient lighting and creating a pleasant ambiance.

5. Storage is so important when it comes to converting your garage into a hair salon!

Hairstylists stocking hair products (shampoos, conditioners, and hairsprays) on the shelves.

Image from Canva.

To perform professional hair salon services, you must keep a lot of hair supplies and equipment organized and easily accessible.

  • Salon essentials (towels, professional hairdressing capes, brushes, hair dye gloves, mixing bowls, clips, aluminum foil)
  • Salon equipment
  • Professional hair tools (hair dryers, curling and straightening irons)
  • Hair dyes and hair care products (shampoos, conditioners, hair toners, hair masks, hairsprays)

The number of items you'll need keeps on going!

Find 8 efficient hair salon storage ideas here to keep your hair salon looking professional, organized, and functional, from Salonory.

It’s time to open your own professional home-based hair salon!

The fun part, the design process of a garage door!

There are a large variety of garage door designs and colors on the market to help your hair salon reflect your personality while also meeting your needs. For someone who enjoys experimenting with shades on a daily basis, you will not be disappointed!

You can mix and match different garage door designs, windows, colors, and other options until you find one that suits you!

Find a garage door company that provides personalized garage door services

Communication is essential in your job as a hairdresser or barber in providing the best experience for your clients. Having garage door professionals by your side who understand what your needs are will facilitate the design process.

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