3 Reasons Why a Side-Mount Garage Door Opener is Worth It

Do you need to replace your garage door opener? Would you like some extra space in your garage? Which model should you buy?

There are so many models of garage door openers on the market. The first step is to determine your needs, budget, garage space, and door size. All these factors can influence your choice.

Many homeowners believe their only option is trolley garage door operators, but that's not true. About 10 years ago, a new model called a side-mount, wall-mount, or jackshaft, was created for residential purposes.

What is a wall-mounted garage door opener?

As the name implies, wall-mounted garage door openers, are installed on the garage door's sidewall. The accessories are the same for a central opener, but the mechanism operates differently. It is connected directly to the torsion shaft which is mounted above the door to hold a torsion counterbalance system. When activated, it turns the shaft causing the door to move up or down.

Browse the different features of this garage door opener model.

Like this jackshaft-type garage door opener? This is the LiftMaster 8500W model.

Residential jackshaft-type garage door openers are not just good looking, they also provide other benefits. Even though they are relatively more expensive than trolley openers, below, you will find three reasons why jackshaft garage door openers can be a practical option for you!

Add space for all your items

Are you tired of the clutter in your garage? Do you feel like your space is overpacked? How and where can you store all your things when you feel like you don’t have any room left? We have the solution for you!

But first, let’s get rid of all the stuff you no longer need

Deciding what you want to keep can be challenging if you’re the type of person who holds on to ‘’just in case’’items. That’s why we recommend you read this blog before you proceed to declutter your garage. The author highlights three critical questions you should ask yourself if your hesitating:

  1. If I needed it, could I find it?
  2. How much would it cost to buy another?
  3. What are the chances that I’ll need it? And is it actually a “need”?

Plus, it is proven that being less cluttered can lead to health benefits. Decluttering, according to WebMD, an American healthcare information services website, can:

  • Upgrade your focus

    Because you have a clean and neat environment, you are free from all potential distractions. You will see a difference in your productivity.

  • Enhance your self-esteem

    Being more organized helps you feel more competent and on your toes. That reduces the amount of stress you have on your shoulders and increases your confidence.

  • Strengthen your relationships

    When your home is turned upside down, you don’t want to invite anyone to see your clutter. You also avoid cleanliness conflicts if you don’t live alone.

  • Reduce allergic reactions and asthma

    Housecleaning improves your indoor ventilation and reduces allergens in your home. An accumulation of dust, pollen, animal hair, and mold can be harmful to people with respiratory problems.

  • Improve your health conditions

    An orderly room helps you to sleep better because you can clear your mind quickly. There's nothing more important than having a good night's sleep. You'll also be more tempted to cook healthy meals if you have a well-organized kitchen.

Overpacked and unorganized garage.

Would you work in this environment? Imagine all the space you can save if you organize and clutter all your things! Image from Unsplash.

The best way to see what you have is to clear everything out. You may want to do this by section depending on your garage space and the number of items you own. We can tell you that this whole process of categorizing the things you’ll keep, donate, sell, or throw in the garbage can take an entire day (or more) for some people!

It will be easier to deep clean your floor and shelves with an empty garage. You will also have a better visual of your entire space, which will help you determine how you want to organize your items.

Then, make sure that your items can be safely kept in your garage

Whether you would like to store your car supplies, tools, or appliances, you can surely find a place in your garage after your big cleaning. However, be aware that some items should not be kept there.

You can find on this blog a list of 15 things you shouldn’t store in your garage if you don’t want to have unpleasant surprises. This will also ensure that your space is safe and free from any hazards.

These items can fall into three main categories:

  • Hazardous objects or substances

    Oily rags, propane tanks, gasoline

  • Things that attract insects and small rodents

    Pet food, books, firewood, bedding, toys

  • Delicate and precious items vulnerable to weather

    Electronics, printed photographs, essential documents, wine, clothes, canned food

Look at tips on how to clear your space and organize it

Installing your garage door opener on the wall will provide you with more overhead space. Indeed, you won’t have a trolley placed in the middle of your ceiling that can prevent you from adding extra storage or having a vehicle roof rack.

There are so many garage storage products you can buy at an affordable price. This blog from a home improvement project magazine gives you great ideas on how to take full advantage of your ceiling space. From simple coated hooks for bikes to mounted shelves with plastic bins, there are plenty of options.

IMPORTANT! Jackshaft-type garage door openers work with every type of ceiling. They are far more practical if you have a cathedral or high ceiling because you don’t require any physical constraint for your headspace compared to a trolley garage door operator. You only need to leave at least 8 inches of space on one side of your door, which is not much room at all.

Trolley garage door openers take too much overhead space.

Imagine how much space this woman could have if she’d remove the shelves on the side! Maximize your overhead garage storage by choosing a wall-mounted opener instead!

Increase your safety

All types of garage door openers come with a photoelectric reversal system. It forces the door up when an obstruction is detected. What really makes a difference with a wall-mounted garage door opener is that a box covers the motor, so there’s no apparent and dangerous mechanical movement. Plus, it doesn’t have any chains or belts where you or your children can trap their fingers.

This type of motor is quieter than a trolley-type and offers a cleaner look. It is perfect if you have a bedroom right above your garage or would like to transform this space into another living area.

MyQ security camera

Side-mount garage door openers don’t come with a security camera, but you can purchase one and install it wherever you want in your garage. If you’re tech-savvy, we highly recommend you buy the myQ intelligent camera from LiftMaster.

You can control your camera and your door directly from your phone or laptop using the myQ app. You receive a notification when the camera detects movement within its 140⁰ wide-angle, and you’ll be able to keep a constant eye on your house even when you’re away.

Learn more about all the different functionalities of myQ connectivity on LiftMaster’s website!

LiftMaster MyQ application to control your garage door opener and keep an eye on your house.

Control any movement around your garage with the myQ app from LiftMaster.

Avoid excess maintenance

One of the main benefits of having a side-mount garage door opener is that it necessitates less maintenance. Because it doesn’t operate with a trolley rail system, you have fewer moving parts to lubricate.

You don’t have to worry about cleaning or adjusting belts or chains regularly as you would do with a trolley-type operator. Not to mention that you need a step ladder to access an overhead opener, increasing the chance of hurting yourself.

Also, because it’s mounted on a wall, there’s less chance that the lubricant could spill on your vehicle or belongings. That can be very frustrating when you need to wash them and clean up the oil properly; otherwise, it may be a potential fire hazard.

Get a jackshaft opener and you’ll have peace of mind!

A picture showing where is the photoelectric safety reverse system on your garage door and what it does

You like this jackshaft-type garage door opener? This is the LiftMaster 8500 model from LiftMaster

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