5 Garage Flooring Ideas to Create an Amazing Space

Are your garage floors starting to look worn or a little dingy? You have options. You can have a garage that you like spending time in.

The next time you’re inside your garage, take time to look at the floor. It’s probably not something you pay attention to most days. The floors might have been in perfect condition when installed, but what about now? If they look a little old or dirty, it could be time to make some changes.

The interior of a well appointed garage with a black and orange tiled floor.

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This article will take you through everything you need to know to have fabulous garage floors. Find out a few garage floor paint ideas and consider other ways to spruce things up a little bit.

We’ll also share other ways to modernize your garage and bring a space together.

What to Know Before Working on Your Garage Floor

There are all sorts of coverings and coatings for your garage floor, but you should repair and prepare the surface first. If there are cracks and damage, it can create issues with the finishes you use, especially if you choose epoxy or paint. Grease and oil stains can bleed through and cause issues later on.

Old room with brick walls

First is first, repair and prepare the surface. Image from Pixabay

No matter what floor covering you choose, it won’t handle any moisture issues you have. If you’re dealing with condensation, that should be handled first. You can learn more about weatherstripping and how it might be contributing to the issue here. Make repairs first and then make your floor more visually appealing.

If the garage floor is very damaged, it might be time to replace it. The following situations often require a full replacement:

  • The floor has significant cracks which can be caused by temperature changes.
  • Maybe the threshold of your garage door needs to be repaired or redone.
  • Your garage floor is always chipping or experiencing other signs of wear and tear.
  • When you look at the floor, it seems as if it might be sinking into the ground.
  • The floors look old and worn with stains, damage, and other issues.
  • You hate the way the garage floor looks and want a serious change.

If this occurs, a total floor replacement may be a good idea. If the problems are minor, any of the recommendations below will make your floor look just like new. Consider your options and move on from there.

Try out new garage flooring ideas to really make your contemporary garage look fantastic.

Try out new garage flooring ideas to really make your contemporary garage look fantastic. You love all-glass garage door? This the California, in 18’ x 8’, Black aluminum frame and Mirror glass

Consider Epoxy Garage Flooring Ideas

Sometimes people consider epoxy to be paint since both involve brushes and rollers. However, the 2 things are different in terms of performance and materials. Paint gets hard through evaporation while epoxy hardens through a chemical reaction. After it is complete, epoxy can create an attractive, durable, and long-lasting coating for the garage floor.

Keep in mind that true epoxy is not the same as epoxy paint.

The latter is a paint that contains a small amount of epoxy. It doesn’t have the same performance as full epoxy. Epoxy comes in 2 parts, including a hardener and a resin. You’ll need to mix it together before you add it to the floor.

Try a New Coat of Paint on Your Garage Floors

Do you have floors covered in grease, oil, or rust?

It’s not uncommon and garage floor paint ideas may be helpful. Most paint for a garage floor is either oil-based or latex. They come in satin, non-slip varieties that are resistant to salts, solvents, and other materials. They also tend to be durable for spaces that are used by several people on a regular basis.

As we mentioned earlier, some latex paints will include some epoxy resin. This can make your floor more resistant to stains and has a hard finish.

No matter which paint that you decide on, make sure it is made for concrete floors. This paint will perform the best on your garage floor.

Epoxy and paint both have similarities and can be applied directly to your floor.

Paint is a great way to add visual appeal to your garage floors.

Paint is a great way to add visual appeal to your garage floors.

Think About Tile Garage Flooring Ideas

Tiles offer an easy way to spruce up the space. These are similar to the tile used in the house but are typically made of rubber, wood composite, or semi-rigid plastic.

The tiles interlock together and create a slightly raised floor. They’re also strong enough to support cars, trucks, and SUVs. If the garage floor is uneven, tiles can help level it out.

  • Tile is often made of plastic, usually polypropylene or PVC. Many brands also offer accessories for finishing the edges and door thresholds.
  • Rubber tile is similar to what you see in playrooms at daycare or in sports facilities. It is comfortable to walk on which is great if you spend lots of time in the garage.
  • With wood composite tiles, the small panels can support lots of weight, making them great for garage floors. They have a tongue and groove design that snaps easily together. There is also a transition strip where the garage door is located.

If you want something that looks great and performs well, tile is an excellent option. Think about what kind of reasons you have for adding the new floor tile when considering which materials to use. There’s something for every garage.

What do you think about a tile floor for your garage? It's a great choice that is simple to clean.

What do you think about a tile floor for your garage? It's a great choice that is simple to clean.

Floor Mats Are Another Great Choice

If you want a simple temporary solution or something easy to maintain over the long haul, consider mats. Roll-out mats can be made of rubber or plastic and are installed over the floor like tile. They can cover up areas that are cracked or stained without a lot of prep. If you do a lot of work in the garage, mats are a good choice since oil and stains won’t end up on the bare concrete. They can handle abuse more than paint or epoxy.

Some floor mats are textured, others are like rugs, and some are more like padded floors. Most mats for garages are made to be thick and easy to clean so there isn’t a lot of upkeep to concern yourself with.

While You’re Installing New Garage Floors…

While you’re considering your garage flooring options, you might realize you need other changes.

To create the garage of your dreams, maybe you want to add a new smart garage door opener. You could install window s in the garage or even choose an all-new garage door to go with the new flooring.

Add a new garage door with windows to make your space stand out.

Add a new garage door with windows to make your space stand out. You love these garage doors? These are Eastman E-13, 8’ x 7’, in Desert Sand color doors and overlays, with Panoramic Clear Windows.

Need a New Garage Door to Go with the Floors?

Contact the garage door specialist in your area.

Then contact a GARAGA dealer in your area.

They can help you choose the perfect garage door and create a perfect fit with your new garage flooring.

They are indeed experts in garage doors. They have extensive experience and they love helping you find the perfect garage door system at the right price for you.

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