Outdoor Living Space and Garage Doors Go Together

It’s possible to create that great outdoor space by expanding your kitchen area. One easy way is to add a shelter equipped with one or more garage doors which hang from the ceiling. Instead of using sliding or folding doors, using an all glass garage door like the California makes for a pleasant surprise, allowing the soft breeze you were hoping for. This style of door is already popular for commercial purposes, such as for pubs and restaurants; slowly, it is starting to draw some attention for use in personal residences.

Outdoor Living Space and Garage Doors Go Together

Do you ever say to yourself “wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy a cup of coffee outside, protected from the elements by a shelter big enough for all of our friends”? We all want a great outdoor space where we can enjoy quality time with friends and family.

Today, we are seeing an increase in home renovation projects which include an extension to the kitchen or living room. This new space usually includes lots of windows as we want to use it as often as possible throughout the year.

If you’re designing an outdoor space adjacent to your home, one option is to build one fixed glass wall flanked by two overhead doors. Depending on the slope of your roof, it may be possible to install a garage door rail system that follows your roofline. You can even install motorized doors, which are always equipped with safety systems to prevent accidents.

One advantage of using a sectional garage door is that it saves you from having a door sill to step over. Another advantage is the availability of different types of glass, such as tinted or blue, to reduce the glare of the sun’s rays, which can be quite harsh depending on the orientation of the space.

Contact one of our Garaga Expert today! They can go over your renovation project with you and offer advice on the best garage door and door opener options.

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