December 1, 2015

How to Turn Your Home into a Dynamic Winter Landscape with an Outdoor Projector

For those looking to create an immersive outdoor environment to display your favorite winter scenes, an outdoor projector can be the tool of choice!

You can use outdoor projectors to showcase a winter display on your garage door and integrate the garage space within your winter home decorations this season.

It’s a tool that will allow you to project a winter landscape such as snowy mountains or an idyllic frozen lake across the garage door. First, though, you’ll have to select the right projector.

Outdoor projector

Choosing Your Projector – Consider the Important Features

There are a number of features that are critical to effective projector performance. For example, it’s important the projector offers speed control, to allow you to control the pace of the projection.

Another important element is the projector’s timer. A timer will help ensure the projector goes into standby mode during the late evening time to ensure you don’t wake up neighbors.

Understand the Challenges Before the Purchase

While most modern projectors are fairly easy to operate, you might find a number of aspects challenging at first. For example, you will likely be operating the projector in the dark and so it’s important you have adequate lighting in the area before you install and operate the system.

You must also consider the weather. Is your system designed to be operated in the extreme cold winters? Ensure the product is robust enough for effective winter performance before you complete the purchase.

Choosing Between Your Screening Options

There are two available options for you in screening your display on a garage door. You can choose to project the display directly on the door surface itself, or you can use a screen. In making this decision, it’s important to take several elements into consideration:

  • Your garage door is not a smooth surface and this will likely impact the viewing experience by distorting the picture.
  • A screen might be impacted by the weather such as wind, which can blow the equipment away and moisture, which may cause the screen to malfunction.

You should take each of these concerns into consideration when making your decision.

Review Your Weatherproofing Options

Like most cutting-edge technology, outdoor projectors can be affected by cold temperatures and moisture. While some products, such as this item from Hammacher Schlemmer, include weatherproof housing, you might consider building your own projector enclosure.

There are a multitude of options available for DIY projector enclosure projects. For example, you might consider using plastic casing with the addition of an air intake to prevent over-heating and humidity inside the case. For those with limited time to complete DIY projects, you can always purchase an enclosure from a local specialist. Ensure you research the product first before integrating it into your current system!

You’re Now Ready to Create Your Ideal Home Winter Landscape

With the information highlighted in this article, you now have the resources to make effective choices on your outdoor home projector system. Remember to clarify any points with a specialist before selecting your equipment. There are numerous high quality models available and that ideal product can help transform your home for many winters to come.

While you’re thinking about decorating your garage, you might also reconsider the look of your garage door. If it’s time for a refresh, contact us for a free quote!

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